Yanks check in on Zambrano

According to Mike Puma of the NY Post, “[w]ith his everyday lineup for 2010 set, Cashman has turned attention to the rotation, and will almost certainly add a starter by New Year’s, according to a major league source.” The fact that Brian Cashman is looking for an additional...

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Commish For A Day II: #1 Expand Playoff Teams

By having six teams make the playoffs, the top two teams receive a bye in the first round, an advantage they currently do not have. This advantage is bigger than most people may think. Not only does it allow the better teams to rest their players, it forces their opponents to enter the second round tired and beat up, making moving on easier.

The main reason I suggest this idea is not to help the better teams, but rather hurt the worst teams in the league. Right now, the wild card team has no real disadvantage. Sure, they get one less game at home, but it doesn’t matter all that much. This forces teams to play for the best record in the regular season, because it would give them the right to rest. But wait, this idea doesn’t hurt the worst teams that much. Because they get a couple extra games to sell tickets for, they get to rake in a little extra dough.…

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Granderson & Johnson versus Damon & Matsui

3-Year Johnson and Granderson 0.279 0.379 0.485 0.864
Damon and Matsui 0.284 0.365 0.463 0.828
5-Year Johnson and Granderson 0.276 0.372 0.473 0.846
Damon and Matsui 0.292 0.366 0.467 0.833
V. LH Johnson and Granderson 0.252 0.340 0.392 0.733
Damon and Matsui 0.286 0.348 0.422 0.770
V. RH Johnson and Granderson 0.279 0.371 0.489 0.860
Damon and Matsui 0.291 0.361 0.463 0.825

Apologies for the formatting, but Joomla isn’t very helpful with such things, and thus here we are. Numerically, it is fairly clear that over the last 3 and 5 year periods, Johnson and Granderson are significantly better than Damon and Matsui. It should be noted, that these numbers are the player’s last 3 and 5 years, so Nick Johnson’s 3 year sample includes 2009, 2008 and 2006 (as he was injured the entirety of 2007). The splits then show that Damon and Matsui have been significantly better against left handed pitching (but Granderson and Johnson have been better against right handed pitching).…

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If The Yankees Were Serious, They Would Put Gardner In CF

[image title=”brettgardner.JPG” size=”full” id=”13363″ align=”center” ]Way back in the day, I used to write the blog Fire Joe Torre. My argument was basically (with some hyperbole thrown in): the Yankees can do better than Torre, even if they won a lot of games with him. They’re slowly losing their dominance. The fans love Joe Torre...

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