Lackey headed to Boston

From Ken Rosenthal, although Ed Price originally broke the story:

Free-agent right-hander John Lackey underwent a physical Monday with the Red Sox, an indication that he is close to an agreement with the team, according to a major-league source.

The deal is expected to be similar to the five-year, $82.5 million contract that the Yankees...

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Wang may not sign until May

Last night, after speaking to Chien-Ming Wang’s agent, Alan Nero, Ken Davidoff of Newsday noted that Wang may not sign until April or May. Today, ESPN’s Buster Olney confirms, writing that it’s “possible that [Wang] won’t sign for months.” This is largely a contractual move, as Wang may receive better offers after a...

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So long, CMW.

Andy Pettitte is being signed to deliver around the level of production the Yankees got from Wang each year from 2006-2008, and he’s getting paid $11.75 million for a single year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not starting up a donation pool here–CMW’s got more money than I’ll have in my lifetime. But in terms of dollars produced, and to be clear, those dollars produced by winning, how good of a deal was Wang for the Steinbrenners?

And while we’re on the topic, remember at the beginning of 2009, when anyone projecting the Yankees’ season included 10-15 (or more) wins from the Taiwanese sinkerballer? How good was this team? They lost their #2/#3 pitcher for the season (and their best hitter for the first month), and still managed to walk into the playoffs, before steamrolling their competition enroute to title #27.

This story hasn’t ended, of course. The $5 million that Wang made in 2009 could only be dropped by 20% via arbitration (and historically, arbiters have been very skittish about dropping players’ salaries at all).…

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For there is no joy in Kansas City, incompetent Dayton has struck out (again)

Poor Royals fans. The team has managed a .500-plus record only four times in the last 20 seasons (with one of those coming in a strike-shortened 1994 campaign). Kansas City’s last playoff...

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For Holliday, security is key

From Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Dispatch, we learn that the Cardinals have extended a formal offer to free agent left fielder, Matt Holliday. According to Strauss, “a source familiar with the process said it does not offer an average annual value of $18 million,” and Holliday...

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A primer on the stats we favor at Yankeeist

I rely pretty heavily on statistical analysis for many of my critiques of the Yankees, and a couple of my less-statistically-minded readers have asked me to define and/or clarify the acronyms that...

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“I’d like to add, if I could”

Photo Courtesy of NoMaas

That was Brian Cashman’s answer when he was asked by WFAN’s Mike Francesa if he feels like he has enough starting pitching on the roster right now. I transcribed that portion of the questions and answers (Someone tell Mo...

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Damon wants $52M over 4 years

Via Buster Olney (ESPN), we learn that in “the early conversations between the Yankees and Johnny Damon’s side, there appears to be a very wide gulf between what the team is willing to pay and what Damon expects to get paid in this winter’s market.” In fact, Jon Heyman (SI) tweets that the...

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