Reaction To The Granderson Trade

Lots of opinions floating around the blogosphere.

Greg Fertel (gets the prize for best write-up and analysis of the night):

Granderson looks tuned for a big improvement a la Nick Swisher in 2010. From the Yankees’ perspective, how could you not like this move? They added a 29-year-old center fielder with plus defense and power who...

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Update: Yankees Acquire Granderson

UPDATE: (2:00 PM) (EJ)MLB Trade Rumors has it. The Yankees will acquire Granderson for Ian Kennedy, Austin Jackson, and Phil Coke, pending a medical check. Full reactions later tonight.

UPDATE (12:06 pm) — From both Jon Heyman and Mark Feinsand, we’re hearing that the deal could still occur. Feinsand claims that...

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Baseball’s worst contracts

Kevin Brown became the first Major League Baseball player to get paid more than $100 million. Mostly a greedy jerk, Brown is also something of a pioneer. He paved the way for every God-awful, untradeable, “what were...
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Most Valueable Network closes its doors

The Most Valuable Network is shutting down.

I remember being recruited by MVN in late 2006. The three River Ave Blues guys had just departed for their new site, and the network needed someone to cover the Yankee minor league system.

Three months later, they had hooked me up with a press pass for the Trenton...

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The problem with Twitter and how to solve one problem

For those who are Tweeting rumors and speculation, you must self-monitor your information with a 1-10 ratings scale. This is very easy. Begin every Tweet with a RR (rumor rank) and a number. A “RR-10” is a confirmed deal. A “RR-5” is a legit rumor that has a chance of coming to fruition. A “RR-1” is equivalent to lobbytalk.

This isn’t difficult and it will give everyone an idea of the level of believable information the Tweet is based upon.

At least self-rate your Tweets so we know what’s close to the truth and what’s a wee bit further from it, ok?

Thanks. Oh, and have a read of this, too:

Newspaper reporters like to’say bloggers, like me, have no standards. The thing is, I’m just being me. I don’t claim to have standards, or a degree. I make my living in a meritocracy, where if people do not like what I write, or do not believe what I say, they’ll stop reading.

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