Best takedown of of Mets organization

  • “Still, it speaks to the team’s recognition that baseball trades in a new currency youth and that the Mets always arrive late to the party of the latest trend. New York spent $3.1 million on the amateur draft in 2009. It was the lowest figure in the game.”
  • “To compensate, they dole out dollars in the most inefficient market: free agency. Bay hits for power and he gets on base and he fits into a clubhouse well, and every team desires such a player. He’s also 31. Defensive metrics and scouts agree he’s a massive liability in left field. He was obviously blanching at playing for the Mets and in the massive Citi Field, or he wouldn’t have spent more than two weeks spelunking for another offer before taking New York’s.”
  • “Give [Minaya] this much: He is a survivor, somehow wrangling a contract extension out of the Wilpon family at the height of fans’ disdain with him more than a year ago.
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How Much Might Johnson And Granderson Be Worth?

Earlier this week, I took a look at how many Wins Above Replacement Curtis Granderson may be worth if he plays in center field and if he plays in left field. Today, I’m going to put a dollar amount to that figure, as well as Nick Johnson’s.

As a center fielder, Granderson projects to be...

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Assessing the 2010 Yankee rotation

Not sure if anyone noticed, given that Mike and Jason did a stellar job of providing content in my absence as well as the fact that many of you have probably been...

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Price: Red Sox Team Of The Decade

Earlier today, Ed Price wrote an article about the team of the decade that included the following chart:

[image title=”aoajuv” size=”full” id=”13566″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]

Considering that chart, it must be obvious who Price picked as the team of the decade, right? Not so fast:

But while the Yankees had the best winning percentage for the 2000s...

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Bay to Beirut: It's about the money after all

Any chance Jason Bay ends up back with the Red Sox as opposed to in Queens?

I think he’d rather be playing in Beirut than Queens. The sad part of this is that sometimes there’s so much competition between agents that the players become pawns. I think in Jason’s case, it would have been really easy to take 4 x 15 [million dollars] in July, which I thought, actually, at the time was a little bit high as an offer. It was clear that the Red Sox just wanted to get him signed and get him out of the way. While the Mets offer is four [years] for 65 [million], it’s so backloaded that I’ve been told by Mets people that it’s far less than what the Red Sox were offering in present-day value. And he obviously doesn’t want to play there. And they’re scared of having him play left field there for four years. it’s really a shame it’s worked out this way.

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What Do Derosa And Bay Mean For Damon And Left Field

In the last two days, we’ve seen both Mark DeRosa and Jason Bay agree to terms with the Giants and Mets respectively. While the Giants will play DeRosa at third, they could still use him in left field and other places. Bay will obviously play left field for the Mets, earning at least...

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There are absurd headlines, then there's this

  • “But while the Yankees had the best winning percentage for the 2000s as a whole — .597, with a 965-651 record — we have chosen the Red Sox as the team of the decade.”
  • “For the decade, the Red Sox averaged 92 wins per season, compared to the Yankees’ 96.5. (St. Louis led the NL with 91.3.)”
  • “And when the Yankees bookended the decade with this year’s title, they matched the Red Sox as the only team with two championships in the 2000s.”

And Price was good enough to add this nifty table (which has not one, not two but three errors: how do you win a WS but NOT a Pennant? And the Yanks won FOUR pennants, not two. And the Rays won the division in 2008, not the Sox. Screw the facts!):

Best of the 2000s
Top franchises for the decade:
Team Wins Div. Titles Pennants WS Titles
Yankees 965 8 2 4 2
Red Sox 920 2 1 1 2 2
Cardinals 913 6 2 1
Angels 900 5 1 1
Braves 892 6 0 0
A’s 890 4 0 0

So, what was the reason for picking the Sox ahead of the Yanks, per Ed’s reasoning:

  • “Boston earns the nod not just based on its success but also for the way the franchise turned itself around and became a standard-bearer in ways for the industry.”

Ahhhh, intangibles.…

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