I’d Rather Not Dye

Hey, everybody. Before I get started, let me “introduce” myself. For those of you who don’t recognize my name, I’m Matt Imbrogno and I wrote for Bronx Baseball Daily for the last few months. Anyway, thanks to Moshe for bringing me on here and I look forward to writing for the audiences here at...

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Thinking About Brian Cashman

During one of the various discussions that took place on this site yesterday, commenter MJ made an important observation about Brian Cashman that I would like to highlight. The comment is taken out of its original context, so some of it may not be entirely relevant, but the general gist of it is clear:


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Yanks should check in on Ryan Church

Today, during the Nick Johnson conference call, Brian Cashman was asked about how he and the front office will address the Yankees’ current void in left field. He answered, “It won’t be a big-name situation, I can promise you that.” Thus, unless the Yankees are willing to utilize...

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Yanks interested in Reed Johnson for LF?

As the Yankees attempt to patch together their outfield after their most recent acquisition, in Tyler Kepner’s latest, we learn of the team’s left field plan going forward. The NY Times scribe writes that the Yankees are “not interested at all in the free agents Jason Bay...

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Montero 5th on BA's Top Prospect List

From John Manuel:

Why he’s here: The minors’ best hitter, Montero gets compared to Mike Piazza as a catcher whose hitting tools far outstrip his defense. The Yankees don’t see him as Jorge Posada’s heir because his defense is on par with Piazza’s or worse.
What he’ll be: Because he’s likely to move out from...

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