Some lazy Saturday afternoon links

If you read Yankeeist you probably also already Fangraphs, so even though you don’t need me to tell you to go there, I’m going to anyway. Matt Klaasen’s post from yesterday on Dayton Moore and Omar Minaya cracked me up. To wit:

“One might be tempted to see the Royals’ signing of outfielder Scott Podsednik as a move to steal the headlines in the wake of cross-state rival St. Louis’ big Matt Holliday contract earlier this week. Or maybe they just wanted to sneak in the bad news on Friday. Close observers, however, know better. This is all part of The Contest.

I’m not exactly sure what the goal of The Contest is: to put together a team that might contend in 2005, get fired, or to shatter the blogosphere’s Universal Snark-O-Meter in one fell blow, but it’s been apparent for some time now that Royals General Manager Dayton Moore and his Mets counterpart Omar Minaya have been involved in some sort of bizarre rivalry for at least the last year.”

Awesome. As you might imagine, Royals fans are throwing spontaneous parades in the streets and erecting monuments in his likeness upon learning of Moore’s latest key free agent signing this winter.

For those who missed it, Bob Lorenz and I have been chatting on Twitter, spurred on by my disappointment that Bob felt Wang would be a better hypothetical free agent signing for a given team than Ben Sheets. Bob then called me “Lars.” Also awesome.

RAB legend TSJC takes Jon Heyman down, FJM-style.

TYU takes a look at whether picking up a right-handed platoonmate for Brett Gardner in left field is a stronger option than bringing Johnny Damon back.

(Oh, and as for the photo at the top of this post — I was debating using Dayton Moore, but no one would’ve known who he was without a caption. One of the dogs is apparently named Jeter, and that made me chuckle. Also, the dogs look cute. Hey, it’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and I’m feeling the effects of a mild hangover after last night’s first inaugural meeting of the Elite Beer Drinker’s Club, so you’ll have to be content with a random picture of dogs.

On a side note I finally got a taste of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA during the EBDC gathering and it was predictably excellent, though you’d almost certainly black out if you took down six of ’em by yourself (it’s ABV is 20%. Yes, you read that correctly), not to mention find your wallet $60 lighter, as one 12-ounce bottle costs around $10!)

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