Reds sign Chapman for $30M

Via MLBTR, from Jeff Passan (Yahoo! Sports) we learn that Aroldis Chapman has signed a 5-year, $30 million deal with an NL Central club. Passan speculates that the Reds, who have never really been linked to Chapman outside of today, might be the team, as Chapman is actually on a flight to Cincinnati as we speak (or at least he was).

If it was going to take $6 million per to sign Chapman, an unproven pitcher, I’m glad the Yankees passed.

UPDATE – The Reds have signed Chapman. Passan has confirmed the deal.

18 thoughts on “Reds sign Chapman for $30M

  1. Maybe it’s just the Yankee fan in me, but if the (big market)Yankees had spent $20 million on Chapman they’d get destroyed for it, but the (small market) Reds give him $30 million and no one will blink an eye.

    • Jon Heyman just said the Reds are “cracked” for spending that much. It is pretty crazy to offer $6M per to an unproven pitcher, even if some competitive bidding forced the Reds to reach that mark.

      • There are reasons why bad teams are bad teams, and spending this much money on a pitcher who is as raw as Chapman is one of those reasons. If it’s the Yanks or Red Sox, they can eat this money. For the Reds, this will mean signing one less player to fill a need. They NEED him to work out. Dumb.

        EDIT-The payments are spread out over 10 years, so it’s not as much of a hit as I thought.

    • I think more then that Steve, when all the big markets allow the small market team to overspend, the small market should stop and think, “Wait, why is this guy available to us?”

      It’s absurd that they won’t spend some money to fill their offensive holes, but they will gamble BIG TIME on an unproven prospect that many think should be a closer.

      • Very astute comment. You’re right, if a team that threw $100 million at Dice-K or one that threw $46 million at Kei Igawa won’t spend more than $20 million on Chapman, there has to be concern.

        • Exactly. I mean, you’re 100% right that there won’t be the outcry because it’s a small market. What I do think happens if he looks like a bust (and maybe not even), we will read, “Well we (the Reds) and other markets outside of NY and Boston have to overpay to get talent like this, since the big teams will buy them all up! This is why we need a salary cap!”

          In the end, it always comes back to being the big market’s fault. I remember Boston caught flak for the Dice K signing though, so I don’t think it’s exclusive to the Yankees.

  2. Lets put that 30 mil towards cliff lee. good luck reds, they need a good break…

  3. Earlier in the week, there was a post about the Yanks being out on Chapman. I said that the Yankees should spend 20 million in international free agents, especially considering Selig wanting a world wide draft. The post was debated with the fact that the Yankees risk doing that and then having to answer for it at the bargaining table after the CBA is up.

    I think spending 30 million is crazy, and I am happy that the Yankees didn’t do it. I don’t fault the Reds for taking the shot, even though I think it’s crazy. Montero cost 1.6 million; the Yankees could sign Mateo for 1/10th of what Chapman went for, and then invest 20 million into the IFA, completely restock their system, and STILL ARGUE they didn’t spend the most on unproven Latin American players. They would STILL be able to argue they are not setting the price tag on players, since the bar on extremely high upside players is now 30 million (something they never do. Jeter’s deal was less then ARods, CC after Mets set bar with Johan, etc…). Now not every player is going to be on Montero’s level, but I hold firm on my take that the Yankees should invest every extra dollar in their budget into the IFA market, sign high upside players, and be completely loaded if a world wide draft ever does become a reality.

  4. Good thing the Yanks didn’t spend the money, I agree with some of you above…
    Spend the money on the IFA players, which by the by, I think they are moving towards doing anyhow. I read on one of the blogs, something about picking up some players to stock the minors. Now, the only place they can do that is in the IFA…right?
    Anyone have names of any really good IFA players, I don’t follow them at all?

    • It is very difficult to get accurate scouting reports on the 15 year old kids. They have very little factual basis behind their scouting. The big names will be discussed (I believe there is a top flight CF candidate for one), but for instance, Gary Sanchez wasn’t discussed too much last year until after he was signed.

  5. i think it’s a smart deal fro the REDS if they think this kid is the real deal and obviously they do.They have him locked up for 6 mil a year for 5 years.If he makes it and he probably will, it’s a steal.
    It’s not he’s a rank beginner.Kid has been pitching for years and has plenty of experience.I see him in Double A to start and triple A by the end of the season.
    In 3 years if he’s a top Left handed starter, they get him for 2 more at 6 mil/per and of course they can trade him or extend him also.

    • So you haven’t stopped to wonder why all the teams that could drop 30 million and not think twice passed on him? That doesn’t send up a red flag?