Happy Anniversary To Us!!

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One year ago today, The Yankee Universe opened its doors (we actually had a soft opening on the 24th, but the official start was the 26th), with the goal of becoming the best Yankees blog on the internet. One year and one cease-and-desist letter later, TYU is still going strong, and we would like to believe that we are on our way to achieving our goal. We would like to thank all of our readers for sticking with us, as a sports blog is only as good as the discussion it fosters. Thanks to you guys, this has become a fun and informative place to talk about the Yankees.

I would also like to give a tip of the hat to the writers of the Yankee blogosphere, for linking to us and engaging in some extremely interesting debates. In particular, the folks over at RAB were an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience for me as I started the blog, and really helped our growth in highlighting some of our better content. Thanks so much to Ben, Mike, and Joe for that.

I would also like to thank our bevy of writers. I’ll start with our two departed writers, Anthony Gicas and Tom Gaffney, who both lent considerable expertise and a distinctive voice to the site, and will be missed. Rebecca Glass did a great job covering recaps while Eric Schultz did strong minor league work, and both will hopefully return to the site in those roles in 2010. Matt Imbrogno has been a fantastic addition, with expert handling of statistical analysis being among his many talents. Steve Shaka is our most loquacious and opinionated writer, adding a spark of debate each morning in his inimitable style.

Finally, I would like to thank the two writers who started this endeavor with me, EJ Fagan and Chris Harihar.
Working with the two of them has actually been an idea a few years in the making, as I pestered them both for two years prior to our collaboration about getting together for the type of project that eventually led to TYU. This site never would have gotten off the ground without them, and I am ever grateful for their participation. Both have brought considerable expertise to the table, with EJ being one of the foremost authorities on the Yankees farm system and Chris leading the Yankee blogosphere in constancy of quality output, and both have helped make administration of the blog a breeze. Thanks, guys, and hopefully we can keep this party going.

So to sum up, thanks to everyone who has contributed to TYU in any way over the last year. The entire endeavor, legal issues and all, has been a fantastic experience for me, and I hope that some of you feel the same way. Here’s to many more interesting, opinionated, informative years at TYU.

0 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To Us!!

  1. Yeah, guys!! Happy Birthday!!
    You have no idea how much this blog means to me. Really. I live in Brazil, so as you might figure, we only get news about soccer, soccer, more soccer and ocasionally some basketball and football. Plus we only get to see the sunday night baseball games on cable TV, and one game a week doesn’t mean a lot in a 162 game season.
    So this blog makes it possible for me to read about baseball and the yankees, and discuss it as if i was in a bar in New York city, or between innings @ Yankee Stadium.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is: thank you!
    I can’t say I’m one of those who has been following you since last january (actually, I think it was august ’09 when i first found a link to TYU on twitter) but this post really meant a lot to me, because it gave me a chance to say thanks to you guys…
    Happy birthday and keep on the good work!!

  2. Congratulations to all of you, this blog has really taken off since I stumbled upon it a year ago. You can tell a blog has some buzz when you got from 2-3 comments a post to 20+ (also when you’re popular enough to have the Yankees sue you isn’t obvious enough).

    This has become my go to blog for Yankee analysis and news and I look forward to falling 2010 with you guys. Cheers.

  3. Far and away my favorite blog on the internet. Readers of your blog cannot thank you enough. You are quick, accurate and thorough, and for all of that, I applaud you. Keep on rocking guys.

  4. great site, congrats, hope you are around when bonillas contract is finally paid off..2029

  5. Thanks everyone. I have to say that I’m shocked at how well the site has done. Its been nothing but fun for a year now, and I’m going to keep doing this until its no longer fun.

    I really think that we’ve built up both the best blog in the Yankee blogosphere and the best community of commenters. You guys never cease to be smart, quick, and willing to hold us accountable. Hats off.

  6. Little late to the party but…Congratulations, Great blog and great people commenting.
    I remember Steve and Chris from another blog, they were very good there, so it’s no surprise to see them do well on this Blog. The six of you, make a good team…good luck in the future.

  7. This has been a great experience for me, and it really is awesome writing on a blog that features guys like EJ (when I started reading Yankee blogs, EJ’s work at MVN – I think that’s right – was some of the first stuff I read). I have to give a shout out to Mo, though, because without him this blog wouldn’t be what it is today.. Thanks, man.

  8. Thanks again to Mo for inviting me to blog here and giving me a place to scratch my Yankee itch every day. It’s amazing how far we’ve come over the past year, and things will only get better as the season starts.