Damon and Cincy

According to a report via ESPN, “a baseball source told ESPN.com’s Jerry Crasnick” that “[Scott] Boras and [Johnny] Damon are trying to engage the Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds as possible alternatives” to the Yankees. Though the Tigers-Damon connection is not new – Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated offered the possible marriage a few weeks ago – the Reds-Damon item is the first report I have read which explicitly links the two parties. It was only a matter of time before the Reds and Damon were connected, however, as Cincinnati has a clear need given their unsettled left field situation (they currently have Chris Dickerson lined up to start). Unlike the Damon to Oakland rumors, Damon to Cincy makes a lot of sense, although, according to the ESPN report, the Reds “don’t appear to have much money left in the budget,” and would “probably have to get creative to make a run at Damon.”

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2 thoughts on “Damon and Cincy

  1. The Reds would be a fairly good fit for Johnny. It’s hard to think of another team with glaring need in LF in a ballpark that should be fairly attractive to Damon. The thing is, does signing Damon put Cincy in the position to win the division? Probably not, so they may be better off keeping the $5 million. The Reds could be a really good team if their younger guys continue to develop, so who knows.

    Damon won’t be a Yankee though, that’s for sure.

  2. I seem to think he fits better with that golf club, instead of a major league club.. he could caddy for boras now that he is unemployed.. looks like boras advised damon on where to stick the shaft..