Piliere Puts Yankee System In Middle Of Pack

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AOL Fanhouse writer Frankie Piliere recently ranked baseball’s farm systems, and the Yankees came in at 15:

15. New York Yankees | Players in Top 100: 4
The Yankees have plenty of depth. What they don’t have right now is a great deal of impact talent behind Jesus Montero. They have a lot of potential in the low levels, and it’s a solid system, but at the moment much of their high-upside players are early in their development.

It is hard to argue with anything Piliere says, as he succinctly sums up the state of the system. They would likely rate closer to 10th or so if they had not traded a number of their more highly regarded prospects this offseason, so 15 is a fairly solid placement for them at this team. I do think that the system has the potential to take a leap forward over the next few seasons, as much of the Yankees impact talent is at the lower levels. As players like Austin Romine, Jose Ramirez, and Manny Banluelos develop, we may see the Yankees slowly make their way up the ladder in these rankings.

What do you think about the Yankee farm system? Excited? Disappointed? Ambivalent? Chime in below.

0 thoughts on “Piliere Puts Yankee System In Middle Of Pack

  1. I think that the Yankees are doing pretty good considering their misfortunes at the draft. They 15th overall despite Andrew Brackman, the Scott Biddle / Gerrit Cole disaster, and losing their first 3 picks in the 2009 draft due to signings. Not to mention trading away quite a lot of talent.

  2. I agree with EJ here. Any time you can be in the middle of the pack despite having traded #2 prospect Austin Jackson and #3 prospect Arodys Vizcaino in the same winter, you have to be pleased*.

    I agree that any high-ceiling talent the Yanks have resides in the lower levels so it’s hard to know exactly what we have right now. The hope for the future is there but, at present, the Yanks are merely deep but not overwhelmingly talented.

    *Pleased probably isn’t the right word. I hate how the Brackman/Cole picks turned out which essentially washed away consecutive drafts. Resigned may be the better word, or perhaps cognizant of the situation…

  3. I’d imagine we are probably a #7-8 team if we don’t trade A-Jax and could have signed Cole. I’m very satisfied where we’re at though. I’d rather have most of my talent in the big leagues and have guys with huge ceilings in the minors

  4. Agree with the ranking of the system.
    If one looks at the make-up of the team, as of now (and for the next few years) we are in good shape. By the time we need to replace some of the guys (Posada, Jeter, Mo, Andy, A.J., CC, Swisher) some of those highly rated players will be ready to step in…I hope.
    Conversely, we all know, only a very few will ever be talented enough to play for the Yankees. Some will be traded others will not make it to the higher levels at all.

  5. Yanks system ranked 25th in the latest Keth Law write up. Thats the lowest I’ve seen.

    • The Mets ranked #15 in that L-Law writeup. I simply don’t agree with that. If he’s giving Boston credit for loads of high-ceiling talent at the lowest levels of their system (which I totally agree with), then I can’t see how he could have the Mets 10 spots ahead of the Yanks. Montero is better than any prospect currently in the Mets system and Heathcott, Sanchez and Murphy are higher-ceiling guys than anyone in the lowest rungs of hte Mets system.

      I’m stumped.

      • Yeah, that was stunning to me. I’m fine with them being low, but he used the same logic to put them at 25 that he used to put the Red Sox at #2. it’s a logically inconsistent list.

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