The 2010 Yankees are going to be pretty good

OK, so Randy Winn obviously isn’t going to destroy the Yankees’ season. As I said to Moshe and Joe last night, I was mostly annoyed because I wanted Johnny Damon back, although I’m still not crazy about the Winn signing. But whatever — it is what it is, and there’s no changing that.

Moving on, SG posted extremely early 2010 MLB CAIRO-projected standings the other day, and while we obviously can’t read too much into it, it’s still pretty awesome to see the Yanks projecting as a 916-run-scoring, 102-win team with a 57% chance to win the division before a single game is even played, even with Randy Winn and his .384 OPS against lefties last season Betemiting up the place (couldn’t help myself there, but I promise I’ll stop ragging on Winn, at least for the time being). As SG mentions, we probably need to dock the Yankees a few wins and add a few to Boston’s tally, but even so I’m pretty sure an eight-game gap on paper is the widest margin of victory I’ve ever seen in a CAIRO preseason projection.

Elsewhere, the AL Central once again looks boring as hell, while the Mariners unsurprisingly project to finally overtake the Angels’ iron grip on the AL West. I’d also love to see the Rangers make their presence known again in 2010 so I can bust out my supervillain cackle when the Halos tumble to third place.

I was somewhat surprised to see the Mets project to have a winning record given the disastrous state the franchise currently finds itself in, but I suppose full seasons from David Wright, Jose Reyes and Johan Santana will go a long way in carrying the team in Quadruple A. Elsewhere in the NL everything looks almost exactly the same as it did last year; my only hope for the Senior Circuit is that they produce a different foe than the Phillies for the Yanks to face in the 2010 World Series.

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