King Felix and Josh Johnson Headed Towards New Deals?

[image title=”p1.felix.hernandez.getty” size=”full” id=”14005″ align=”right” linkto=”full” ] [image title=”josh-johnson” size=”full” id=”14007″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]

From the excellent Craig Calcaterra D.J. Short over at Circling The Bases, we get word of two likely Yankee targets involved in discussions that would preclude them from making it to free agency. The first link D.J. provides is from...

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The Brothers Hairston

Scott and Jerry Hairston


Since the World Series ended, we’ve spilled a lot of virtual ink on the left field situation. Well, I’m going to throw out more left field scenarios, with one of them spilling into the utility player’s spot as well...

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Some lazy Saturday afternoon links

If you read Yankeeist you probably also already Fangraphs, so even though you don’t need me to tell you to go there, I’m going to anyway. Matt Klaasen’s post from yesterday...

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To Platoon or Not to Platoon

Brett Gardner

…that is the question. However, it would seem that the question has been answered. From Moshe’s post, via Pete Caldera:

Out in the Bronx, there is no cause to add a slugging left fielder to the Yankees’ lineup.

“Our team is, for the most part,...

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Skimming the HOF voter's pool

  1. Term limits: Those eligible to vote can do so for five years. After that, they must cycle out of the voting pool for at least two years. After that, they can reapply for voting rights for the next five year period.
  2. Voting Board: A group of 10 senior BBWAA members (elected by their peers) who have the ability to remove a writer from the voting pool using a majority vote. This group will be able to decide that if a person, such as Lisa Olsen, who refuses to select any player on any ballot he/she has ever been given deserves to remain part of the BBWAA pool. Making a sham of the vote is reason for being ousted. Not paying attention is also grounds for dismissal, as what happened last year with Rickey’s vote showed us; sorry, if you’re not taking this seriously, you lose the right to vote.
  3. Credentials: Review the credentials of every person currently eligible to vote for the HOF.
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Cano may not meet with Long this winter

Earlier today, Moshe wrote about Bryan Hoch’s recent article detailing Kevin Long’s busy winter, as he’ll be meeting with Curtis Granderson, Nick Johnson, and an assortment of other Yankees this offseason. However, one player noticeably absent from Hoch’s report was Robinson Cano.

I had hoped Cano and Long...

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A closer look at Robinson Cano

A few days ago I put up a post comapring the current Yankees and Red Sox rosters, on paper (the bombers won). I used Fangraphs and Baseball Prospectus to value players on either team. Those...

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A-Rod’s defense at third in doubt?

In 2008, Alex Rodriguez’s defense at third base had declined significantly.

Though his UZR was a respectable -2.6 — basically an average mark — a significant portion of that figure was masked by Alex’s ability to refrain from making errors, as he was worth 3.1 error runs (ErrR) above...

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