And the Murray Chass award goes to…

The winner of the 2010 Murray Chass award for combing writing ignorance with insolence goes to the’s Ron Borges! Mazel tov, Ron! His clinching quotes:

According to Epstein, the Red Sox will be competitive through the use of kung fu baseball, the art of winning without scoring. They will be so flawless in the field that opponents will simply forfeit, their inability to penetrate the Steel Curtain Defense so frustrating that the other side simply resigns. Sort of like playing Bobby Fischer in chess.

Not one to simply drop a doozy and let it be, Big Ron adds to his lead in the category:

While teams created by Ruben Amaro Jr. of the Phillies or Brian Cashman of the Yankees cling hopelessly to National League and American League pennants and a misplaced faith in the old order represented by stats like batting average, fielding average and RBI, teams of the new millennium like the Red Sox believe those are insignificant relics of a bygone era, the buggy whips of baseball.

They have been replaced by faith in OBP, OPS, UZR (I thought those were the initials of a former Russian state only to learn it means Ultimate Zone Rating), DRS (defensive runs saved) and PMR (probabilistic model of range). Based on crunching numbers into these new formulas, one expert in baseball metrics, John Dewan, has written that the addition of Adrian Beltre, Marco Scutaro and Mike Cameron in the field will add nine more victories to the Sox bottom line. Lo and behold, we just won the pennant! Who knew?

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Bench Seems Set

With yesterday’s acquisition of Randy Winn, the Yankees’ bench seems to be set. Let’s examine the implications this could have for the 2010 team. First off, the fact that Johnny Damon is not returning should give current left fielder Brett Gardner a big confidence boost. By not re-signing Damon, instead opting for a cheaper player who isn’t likely to take a starting job from the “incumbent” Gardner, the Yankees are telling the young outfielder that they believe he can hold the position competently. I don’t have much faith in Gardner getting much better than he was in 2009, but there Continue reading Bench Seems Set

Mike Lupica's Failure In Logic Regarding The Budget

I had promised a few readers an article on the PECOTA projections this morning, but will push that until next week because SG over at RLYW has suggested that their math is a bit off, and Colin Wyers has responded that they are looking into it. I will wait until there is more news on that before I discuss it. Anyhow, Mike Lupica wrote a column this morning so ridiculously devoid of logic that it needed to be addressed. I am going to go at it FJM-style, addressing the most egregious suggestions made by the once-great writer whose opinions have, Continue reading Mike Lupica's Failure In Logic Regarding The Budget

Towers to join the Yankees

According to USA Today‘s Bob Nightengale, the Yankees will announce the hiring of former Padres GM, Kevin Towers, before the spring. It has long been rumored that Towers would eventually join the Yankees after his departure from San Diego, as he is a friend to that of Yankees GM, Brian Cashman, and joining the organization offers him a chance to fulfill a certain set of occupational goals and desires. In early-December, Towers told the San Diego Union-Tribune that he preferred to work with a “big market club,” one that is not as constrained with regards to spending, and that he Continue reading Towers to join the Yankees

Keith Law looks at Montero, Banuelos

Keith Law’s top 100 prospects list is finally out and the Yankees are represented by none other than Jesus Montero (C), who comes in at number 10, as well as Manny Banuelos (LHP), who rounds out the list at number 96. Here’s Law’s take on Montero: Montero is really a “CINO” (catcher in name only), as few people outside the Yankees organization believe the giant player — listed at 6-4, 225 pounds, although he’s bigger than that now — can stay behind the plate, even with the improvement in his throwing in 2009. Montero’s ticket to the big leagues is Continue reading Keith Law looks at Montero, Banuelos

Johnny Damon: 2010 IIATMS Hall of Fame inductee

We here at IIATMS are proud to announce the selection of Johnny Damon to the IIATMS Hall of Fame. His impressive credentials can be summarized below:

  • After helping the RedSox embarrass the Yanks en route to winning their first World Series in 86 years, Damon bolts to the archrival Yanks. Rather than stay with a talented team for a reasonable offer, Damon jumped for the Yanks cash and instantly alienates himself for all of eternity in New England. Said Damon:

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The 2010 Yankees are going to be pretty good

OK, so Randy Winn obviously isn’t going to destroy the Yankees’ season. As I said to Moshe and Joe last night, I was mostly annoyed because I wanted Johnny Damon back, although I’m still not crazy about the Winn signing. But whatever — it is what it is, and there’s no changing that. Moving on, SG posted extremely early 2010 MLB CAIRO-projected standings the other day, and while we obviously can’t read too much into it, it’s still pretty awesome to see the Yanks projecting as a 916-run-scoring, 102-win team with a 57% chance to win the division before a Continue reading The 2010 Yankees are going to be pretty good