More on Randy Winn

So, who exactly is the new guy? Let’s start at the beginning–kind of. Winn went to Santa Clara University and was drafted by the Marlins in the third round of the 1995 Amateur Draft. Randy did well in his first three years in the minors, never posting an OBP below .340. Then, in 1997, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays took Winn as the 58th pick in the expansion draft. It was with Tampa that Winn would make his Major League debut in 1998. He played in 109 games in that campaign, posting an uninspiring .278/.337/.376, good for an 83 OPS+. Continue reading More on Randy Winn

RLYW Releases Early Projections – Yankees On Top

RLYW has been running their CAIRO projections and simulations for years, and their system has become one of the most respected in the field. Yesterday, they released their initial projected standings, and Yankees fans are going to like what they see. The standings have the Yankees lapping the field, with 102 projected wins, 8 more than the next best team (Boston). They have the Rays at 89 wins, the White Sox and Mariners winning their respective divisions, and the Phillies Cardinals, Dodgers, and Braves making the playoffs out of the NL. While these projections are by no means perfect, they Continue reading RLYW Releases Early Projections – Yankees On Top

Rays pursuing Damon?

Here are a few quick yet notable items on the day: Check out Frankie Piliere’s extended take on the ambidextrous prospect, Pat Venditte. Curtis Granderson is open to playing left field and Joe Girardi seems willing to put him there. According to Ken Davidoff, the A’s have actually sent Damon an offer for about $7M, but he’s not biting. The A’s might face competition from the Rays, who have been in “regular contact” with Scott Boras. According to Joel Sherman, the Rays, knowing that their payroll will fall in 2011, appear willing to spend on Damon as their regular DH, Continue reading Rays pursuing Damon?

Tony Womack 2: Electric Boogaloo

Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian. You’ve treated us Yankee fans oh so well during these last two offseasons. You purchased CC Sabathia and overpaid for A.J. Burnett, both of whom played critical roles in winning the 2009 World Series. You gave us the greatest Christmas present of all in landing Big Tex seemingly out of nowhere. This offseason, you reacquired two talented players both of whom you previously traded away–including in a deal for each other–in Nick the Stick and Home Run Javy. Simply put, you’ve been on a roll, and though you kept telling us you only had $2 million Continue reading Tony Womack 2: Electric Boogaloo

Callis On The Yankee Catching Depth

Jim Callis answered a number of questions regarding Yankee catching prospects in his ESPN chat today, and made some interesting points. Let’s break them down by player: Jesus Montero: I like the Piazza comp. That’s a lot to put on Montero, but he has that potential impact bat and that lackluster defense behind the plate. But the bat may be enough to not worry about his defensive inadequacies. Callis gets more specific on this point later in the chat: First base (Teixeira) and DH (a slew of older players) are locked up for a while, so catcher is still going Continue reading Callis On The Yankee Catching Depth

Interesting tidbit from Sherman

We’ve noted and suggested this quite a few times since Granderson’s acquisition:

Gardner may not even be the [center]fielder. The Yankees are at least toying with putting Granderson (fourth most homers, 30, by an AL outfielder last season) in left and employing the superior defense of Gardner in center.

Man, some of that stuff sounds exactly like what we’ve been saying here, doesn’t it?

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