BREAKING NEWS: Yankees Sign Randy Winn

Via Chad Jennings at LoHud and RAB, the Yankees have signed outfielder Randy Winn to a one year deal worth about $2 million. Winn had a career down year last year, sporting a career low 75 OPS+ and a career low .318 on base percentage. However, this year and his down year in 2006 seems like the outlier. Winn doesn’t bring much power to the plate but his career OBP is .344. He is also a seemingly good defender, posting a 3.0 UZR/150 in LF for his career (437 games), a -1.3 UZR/150 in CF (687 games) and a 16.4 Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: Yankees Sign Randy Winn

Damon and Cincy

According to a report via ESPN, “a baseball source told’s Jerry Crasnick” that “[Scott] Boras and [Johnny] Damon are trying to engage the Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds as possible alternatives” to the Yankees. Though the Tigers-Damon connection is not new – Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated offered the possible marriage a few weeks ago – the Reds-Damon item is the first report I have read which explicitly links the two parties. It was only a matter of time before the Reds and Damon were connected, however, as Cincinnati has a clear need given their unsettled left field situation Continue reading Damon and Cincy

They said it: Steroids in baseball

Was having a baseball discussion last night and we were talking about some of the dumber, embarassing, silly comments made during a player’s admission to PED use. My buddy gave me a few and I’ve added to that list below, expanding the list to include other people in the game of baseball, not just offending players. See if you can match the comment with the offending party:

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Why Hal Steinbrenner should open the books a little for Johnny Damon

The common line is that right now, the Yankees have about 2 million dollars left in their budget for the 2010 season. I think that this is entirely plausible. Hal Steinnerbrenner gave Brian Cashman a hard number, and said that he would have to approve any spending over that number. He did so last year with Andy Pettitte, and I think we’re going to see the same thing with Johnny Damon. On one hand, the Yankees needed a budget. In both the free agent market and the draft, they often found themselves taken advantage of by free agents. I would Continue reading Why Hal Steinbrenner should open the books a little for Johnny Damon

Holy crap I'd forgotten how long the offseason truly is

Another day, another non-story about Johnny Damon. While I’ve been very pleased with Yankeeist’s output (big ups to Mike and Jason), it’s been a bit of a challenge to come up with content given that the Yankees haven’t done anything for over a month since trading for Vazquez, and this late-January lull is starting to really rear its ugly head. A few newsworthy items: Interesting move by the A’s picking up Ben Sheets. Despite the Yankees having no room for him, I’ve been coveting Sheets forever, and am definitely jealous to see him on another American League team. Feels like Continue reading Holy crap I'd forgotten how long the offseason truly is

Piliere Puts Yankee System In Middle Of Pack

[image title=”20090603-rdogs” size=”full” id=”14456″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] AOL Fanhouse writer Frankie Piliere recently ranked baseball’s farm systems, and the Yankees came in at 15: 15. New York Yankees | Players in Top 100: 4 The Yankees have plenty of depth. What they don’t have right now is a great deal of impact talent behind Jesus Montero. They have a lot of potential in the low levels, and it’s a solid system, but at the moment much of their high-upside players are early in their development. It is hard to argue with anything Piliere says, as he succinctly sums up the Continue reading Piliere Puts Yankee System In Middle Of Pack

Alex Rodriguez, pioneer?

Over the weekend Alex Rodriguez received the Babe Ruth Award for his dominant postseason. Alex hasn’t received much attention for winning an award meant to celebrate the best player in the playoffs, but he should have, and not for the reason many fans might think. A list of players with legitimate Hall-of-Fame resumes whose association with steroids might prevent their election would look roughly like this: Barry BondsRoger ClemensSammy SosaMark McGwireRafael PalmeiroManny RamirezAlex Rodriguez The above list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but at a moment’s notice that is the list of players most fans would probably think of whose Continue reading Alex Rodriguez, pioneer?

Happy Anniversary To Us!!

[image title=”1stbirthdaycake” size=”full” id=”14430″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] One year ago today, The Yankee Universe opened its doors (we actually had a soft opening on the 24th, but the official start was the 26th), with the goal of becoming the best Yankees blog on the internet. One year and one cease-and-desist letter later, TYU is still going strong, and we would like to believe that we are on our way to achieving our goal. We would like to thank all of our readers for sticking with us, as a sports blog is only as good as the discussion it fosters. Thanks Continue reading Happy Anniversary To Us!!

And you blame the Yanks for payroll escalation?

Time to start looking elsewhere as it’s not only the Yanks who are boosting payrolls with silly contracts:

@SI_JonHeyman sheets got $10 million plus performance bonuses. not bad after idle ’09

Hey, I love the idea of smaller market teams adding payroll and top players, but $10 million PLUS performance bonuses for a guy who hasn’t pitched in MLB in over a year is absurd.

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