I don't know whether to be elated or terrified

With yet another major projection system not only predicting the Yankees to repeat as AL East champs, but essentially eviscerating the competition in doing so — at least, as much as one can eviscerate a division featuring three potential 90-plus game winners — it’s easy to be optimistic about the team’s fortunes in 2010. Of course, as with any projection system pretty much everything would have to fall right for the retooled, reloaded and presumably upgraded Yankees to blow past 95 wins. Still, better this than being predicted to finish in third place and out of the playoffs.

In other random baseball news, Bill Madden might be the only person in America who doesn’t know that Kenny Williams is one of the most dreadful GMs in the game, inexplicably giving the man who traded Nick Swisher for Wilson Betemit props this offseason for his acquisition of Mark Teahen and awful Juan Pierre.

Matt and EJ at The Yankee U had an interesting back-and-forth about what the Yankees should do with Phil Hughes in 2010.

Fack Youk posted an analysis of the roles John Lackey and Javier Vazquez will be playing for the Red Sox and Yankees this season.

And obviously I don’t need to sell anyone who reads this site on the awesomeness of RAB, but Ben, Joe and Mike just continue to bring it day in and day out during an excruciatingly long offseason, with high-level micro analysis on just about any and every aspect of the Yankees you can think of. One of my favorite pieces from last week was Mike’s look at Nick Johnson and his creamoloshing of fastballs, and how he should be seeing a ton of ’em from the two-hole.

One thought on “I don't know whether to be elated or terrified

  1. I think its easy to assume, based on the Yankees roster and the rest of the division/league, that the Yankees can win 95 games next year. I tend to think that the Red Sox offensive limitations will put them in a close second and Tampa Bay in a close 3rd. Not that this will necessarily put the Yankees at a 95 finish, Sox 93, Tampa 91, but I think a break down like that, based on the 3 teams' rosters and last year's performance, is reasonable to assume. It's pretty hard to win 2 world series in a row… so my expectations are high, but I don't think i'll be too disappointed if it doesn't happen. the yankees have been good to me in my life time, accept when i was a kid, so I can't get too made at them. the only team i root for that hasn't won in my lifetime is the Knicks, so I can't complain much. i gave the giants a pass on their crappy performance during this past season, and why not? they just won the super bowl a few years back, went again a few years before that, and won that other title against those lovable loser Buffalo Bills, so its all good. That being said, if the Red Sox win the world series and beat the Yankees in the ALCS, i'm going to be PISSED!