Giants lowball Lincecum; forget it’s about the money (stupid) **UPDATED**

  • Take them to arbitration; you’ve got an incredible case to argue. But if not, that offer stinks.
  • Their first-year offer of $9.5m is less than what Ryan Howard won in arbitration
  • Their second-year offer of $12.5m is less than what you are asking for in this year’s arbitration
  • They are paying Zito far greater than they offered you. Sure, he was a free agent and you are only first year arb-eligible, but you’re toting two –count ’em TWO– Cy Youngs already. Pay up, sucker.
  • To counter their offer, I start at a number north of $10m, and increase it $3m a year for the subsequent two years. And have some heavy Cy Young-related bonus schedules (ie: $500k for winning, $100k for Top-3 finishes).

    Tim, just tell them it’s about the money and they’re stupid.

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    8 thoughts on “Giants lowball Lincecum; forget it’s about the money (stupid) **UPDATED**

    1. They should just go 3 years at $50 million.  A little over $16 million a year is still low for a top notch pitcher, let alone a 2 time Cy Young winner who isn't even allowed to rent a car yet.

    2. FDF: I agree that it's cheap for a 2 time CY winner, but he's still in Arb Zone, not a free agent.

    3. Jason, why screw around and lowball your best pitcher and create a poor atmosphere for future negotiations? They offered 37 mil, Lincecum wants  over 40 mil, make him happy now and let him know in dollars what he means to the organization. They decisionmaking should not be ruled by the ridiculously stupid choice they made in the FA contract for Zito.

    4. <cite>Christova:</cite>

      I have NO idea why the Giants:

      1) Chose such a "low" arb offer

      2) Why the are still low-balling their stud

    5. Wow, only $37 million.  No respect at all. It boggles the mind. 

      Of course, teachers, firemen, policemen and nurses are all overworked and underpaid, and young soldiers in the military have to survive on food stamps.

      But lets make sure Lincecum gets the proper respect by giving him money  he'll never be able to spend. And lets not hurt his feelins along the way.

      This entire debate has gone past ridiculous to completely stupid.

    6. Ron, you KNOW I love ya, dontchya?  But, you also know that that argument (comparing pro athletes compensation to teachers) is silly.

      My school district, the main reason why we chose to live where we do, is threatening to slash 24 teaching jobs.  This will boost avg class sizes, hinder the needs of special needs kids, reduce other programs. 

      But, what Lincecum makes is irrelevant.  Teachers get paid from local taxes.  Values are down, people are grieving their taxes and winning.  This causes shortfalls. 

      However, people WILL spend to see their favorite teams and players get their share. 

      Fair or not, that's life.  Nothing new here.

    7. If the teacher had a heater clocked at 94 with a 12/6 hook….expect the arb to change to the following;

      $13.04 M$/Yr asking

      $8.025 M$/Yr offering

      Attendance would be way up, but you'll still need to bring your own supplies to school though.

    8. Jason,

      I don't begrudge anyone making as much money as possible. I would like to make more. 

      But the dollar amounts don't matter. It's Monopoly money at this point, and people who have no understanding of how much money this really is are trying to equate it with respect.

      That's insane. If people want Lincecum to have the GDP of a small African country, that's up them. But to equate it with respect. People are losing their freakin' minds.

      People really need to get a grip.