Matt Damon and Ben Affleck May Star In Yankee Wife-Swapping Movie

From Deadline Hollywood:

EXCLUSIVE: The Trade, a film that tells the true tale of 2 New York Yankees pitchers who caused a national scandal by swapping wives in the sexually-free 1970s, has finally hit the big leagues. Ben Affleck has become attached to direct and potentially star in the Warner Bros film. (Let me say that for a Yankees fan like myself, it would be worth it just to see Ben Affleck, and possibly Matt Damon, forced to wear the New York pinstripes. That has always been considered a potential obstacle for two die-hard Boston Red Sox fans and renowned Yankees haters.) Teammates Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich stunned the country when they disclosed in spring training 1973 that they were trading wives. Peterson had fallen in love with Susanne Kekich and his teammate fell in love with Marilyn Peterson. Fritz and Susanne remain a couple till this day, while Mike and Marilyn drifted apart. Affleck and his former Live Planet partners Matt Damon and Sean Bailey have long been intrigued with the project, with Affleck eyeing the role of Peterson and Damon the role of Kekich.

The 1970s Yankees produced a lot of scandals and stories, and this just one of them. Affleck and Damon seem to be taking a lighter tone for it, considering that Seinfeld writer Dave Mandel is working on the screenplay. I’m sure that the two Boston natives are chomping to take some good-natured swipes at the Yankees on camera.

The Yankee Universe (not our trademark!) needs to respond. Billy Crystal and Spike Lee, get on it.

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5 thoughts on “Matt Damon and Ben Affleck May Star In Yankee Wife-Swapping Movie

  1. They are both yankee haters, they can’t find actors who are neutral or yankee fans..the sox fans will sell themselves for a buck.. a true yankee fan would never put a sox jersey on… i’m sure sox fans are going to give it to them on this.. on second thought let them suit up in iconic , majestic , robes of baseball.. once on they may feel the magic…and pride that is yankee…

  2. Yeah, that last comment is totally offbase. I’m not a fan of either team, as a diehard Twins fan. However, red sox fans stuck with their team through 86 years of hardship. Yankee fans fall off after about a 5 year drought. I live in NY and can say about 50 percent of Yankee fans here can’t name more than 3 players. Red sox fans are far from sellouts.

    • Hello Katie, were you born and raised in NY? or moved here..? where in NY do you live? I have never seen a NY born and raised yankee fanatic or fan renounce their position as a fan.. yes through the bad years it was tough..but we rooted hard and never switched sides to the mets or any other club.. if you are a true NYer you would know what ever team you root for in any of the sports here, the fans stay loyal . we have great divides in all the sports ..i am not saying you don’t know some people like that ,but they are not real fans or people who follow baseball closely ,,we get 4mil people a year ..lebron james wears a yankee cap. many singers, celebs.. I have never ever found a Yankee fan to be what you have stated ..A true fan never gives up on a team winning or losing 5 years more or not.. As a Yankee fan in bad times we still had history and players that are known by just one name .the babe.. joe d .. they made movies and plays about the yanks we held on to those bragging rights, I will venture to say those same people you know ,will break out ,the super bowl winners hat or the WS champ hat et. al sports..and probably transplants to NY.. Oh my 2sd team i root for is the Twins..I was a hugh fan of Kelly he out smarted torre, we beat them almost all the time, but He was a much better manager. And red sox fans had no choice than to keep rooting for them ,what would they do ,not follow baseball any more<switch to be yankee fans? they would be run out of town.. year in and year out they look out for one thing , they root their hardest you can see them praying to God in the stands for a win against the hated yankees..God has enough on his plate , their prayers were finally heard after 86 years.. and to say Katie half of the yankee fans don't know more than 3 players, they can't be fans just on what you can you love or like something if you know nothing about it..Katie I think you are a red sox fan under cover..i would say90 % of yankee fans could name at least 3 players on every team in baseball, we are baseball fans and mostly well informed on this sport, not just the team…. Katie where do the Twins have spring training? Also tell those Yankee fans you know don't moth ball their yankee hats another Ws win coming.. looking foward to your reply..

  3. I’m a yankee’s fan and a relitive of Mike Kekich. He is that family member that look upon and think how neat they were for being a player of pro ball but also think “Wow, i sure do have a weird family,”