Johnny Damon signs with Detroit

The Tigers and Johnny Damon have agreed to a one-year $8 million deal. By most accounts Damon has signed for more money than the Yankees ever offered him for a single season, although he was originally looking for a longer contract.

Damon comes away from this looking like the typical modern professional athlete. He wanted as much money as he could get and got it, although it probably cost him a spot on a World Series contender in the process.

On the other hand, if you were as bad at your job as Tigers’ GM Dave Dombrowski you would be fired. He had Curtis Granderson, a power hitting, left handed outfielder who is young and makes $5.5 million next year. He traded him for pennies on the dollar (thank you, by the way) so he could sign Johnny Damon, a power hitting, left handed outfielder who is old and will make $8 million next year. I’d rather have the money.

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