Keep An Eye On Brandon Webb

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Joel Sherman compiled his list of top 10 players to watch in the 2010 season, and Brandon Webb was mentioned:

The pitching version of Reyes: a 2005-08 iron man who led the majors in innings and wins before breaking down last year. So far, so good on his shoulder. If Webb is 2006 Cy Young healthy in tandem with ace Dan Haren and Edwin Jackson, Arizona will have a rotation front three among the NL’s best.

I would keep an eye on Webb’s performance, but not because I think he will give Arizona a top rotation. Rather, the 30-year old Webb is a candidate to be traded if he can recapture some of his old glory. If Arizona is not a legitimate playoff contender when the trade deadline rolls around, the Diamondbacks will likely seek to extract some value from the impending free agent. While his shoulder issue and the fact that he will be a 2 month rental player will limit the return, he should still fetch a nice package of prospects, as his last 3 healthy seasons yielded one Cy Young award and 2 second place finishes. I fully expect him to be moved at the deadline unless he accepts a below market deal from the Diamondbacks.

Now, I certainly do not expect the Yankees to need a pitcher at the trading deadline. With CC Sabathia, Javier Vazquez, and Andy Pettitte all consistent 200 inning pitchers, AJ Burnett seemingly having figured out how to stay healthy, and Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes available to fill out the rotation, the Yankees should be set at starter. However, the unexpected seems to be the norm when it comes to major league pitching, and there are scenarios under which the Yankees would be looking for a starter come the end of July. If they are in fact short one pitcher at that time, expect to hear a multitude of rumors regarding Brandon Webb.

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  1. Webb’s already in the mindset of being a free agent, and from past reports he doesn’t seem amenable to the idea of a home-town discount. I think its a safe bet to make tht Webb will be wearing a different uniform in 2011. D-Backs cant afford Webb so a trade might happen, but any pre-trading deadline injury to his throwing arm would kill a good return.

    He’s a couple years younger than Cliff Lee, but fit-wise, Lee makes more sense given that Andy is 38 and has a declining fastball. discussion for another day.