Back and ready to roll

  • Billfer at the Detroit Tigers Weblog has a nice dissection of Damon’s home runs and vector analysis which is worth reading.
  • New news: Yanks sign Chan Ho Park. Bullpen depth, anyone? Otherwise, a yawn.  Wonder if the media will cover his beard removal like they did when Damon signed initially with the Yanks from Boston? Doubtful.  Just a guess.
  • That Jeter guy is sure determined.  Give him all the credit in the world that he attacked his weaknesses with the gusto and determination that you’d wish other players (and people in your office) would work.  The naysayers will still call Jeter overrated and I’ll never be able to convice them. However, if you can’t respect his desire and motivation, then you’re just flat out wrong.
  • A bigger unit might be coming to the majors soon. Yeah, he’s 7’1″. Yikes. He might just hand the ball directly to the catcher. (h/t to Ron Rollins for passing this along)
  • Mazel tov to this fan, 15 years later. Yes, a Kevin Appier appearance. (another h/t to Ron)
  • And because it was so good when Will wrote it back in December, it’s worth revisiting now that it’s official that Damon’s gone.
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