Shots from Spring Training

CC and AJ trying to work off some of that winter weight (I’m really lookin’ at you, CC)

And the battle for the #5 spot, featuring Hughes and Joba:

Is he a starting CF or DB?

The navy lycra pants, navy socks, navy shorts, navy shirt thing is a bit overkill, no?

All three look game-ready.   Gardner and Granderson, looking ripped, while Swisher goofs around.  No surprises here.

Hangin’ with Jeter

And the competition for the #4 and #5 OF spots, Winn and Thames:

Javy, Pettitte and Posada.  “Now Javy, if you give up another grandslam to a RedSox player, you’ll never hear the end of it!

See this?  Don’t take your eyes off it, OK?  You got your cup on, son?

I’m laughing now, but wait until you ask Posada to catch me.

Gaak!  My eyes.  Remember when $46 million would actually get you a guy capable of pitching in the Majors? (Seriously, just trade him to the NL West for some reliever or something already. I can’t stand seeing Mr. KissyFace every Spring!)

To help rid your eyes of the shame associated with that last picture, we’ll give ya a good one of Yogi:

Tell me you can hear Yogi talking to Posada, Yoda-like…”Catch AJ well, you will.

All pictures courtesy of Reuters/Daylife

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