Cashman on centerfield defense (Granderson and Gardner)

Brian Cashman: “He’s our center fielder. We traded for him to be our center fielder. I think that what’s taken place is when you’re asked questions like ‘Is there a possibility of Gardner playing center?’ I’m like, well, if we feel Gardner makes us our best team with Gardner at center because we’re blessed to have two above average center fielders patrolling Yankee Stadium’s outfield out of the three man alignment. So we have [Nick] Swisher in right, Granderson in center and Gardner, assuming he holds it down and wins it, will be in left. But Granderson’s our center fielder. He’s an above average center fielder and that’s why we acquired him. But to be quite honest if somebody asked, ‘Hey, but is it possible Brett Gardner might be a better center fielder?’ Our defensive metrics on Brett Gardner made him one of the elite center fielders in the game. I’m not saying he’s the top but he’s close to it. So in fairness we acknowledge that but does that mean it’s the right thing to do to move Curtis Granderson over to left? I’m not saying that but I’m also open minded to say, alright, we’ve got a new player. We’re gonna see how our team fits and we’ll make decisions accordingly as we see things playing out. But Granderson’s our center fielder.”

Seems that Cashman’s acknowledging that Gardner might be a better defensive CF than Granderson, but he’s gotta be sure that Gardner’s going to nail down a starting role first. That last “Granderson’s our center fielder” just feels like there’s an implied asterisk in there stating:

* For now. Unless we know Gardner’s going to hit enough to warrant full time at bats and we can ‘prove’ that he’s a better defensive CF than Granderson

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3 thoughts on “Cashman on centerfield defense (Granderson and Gardner)

  1. Of course, Cashman won't come out and directly say that Gardner is a better CF. But the fact that the team has already spoken to Granderson about a possible shift to LF, along with the fact that they probably don't want to simply hand any job to Gardner, they're simply hedging.

  2. I thought I read that Swisher lost 15 lbs through his offseason boxing regemin… by the looks of it his uperbody looks smaller and his gut is popping out… better hit the treadmill Swish.