Is this a trade you would support?

Yankees 2010 committment: (via Cot’s)

  • Granderson: $5.5m [contract runs for three more years ($25.75m, all in, including a $2m buyout)]
  • Thames: $0.9m (minor league contract)
  • TOTAL: 6.4m

Detroit’s 2010 committment: (via Cot’s)

  • Damon: $8.0m
  • Coke: $0.4m
  • Austin Jackson: League Minimum ($0.4m)
  • ADD: Max Scherzer: $1.4m
  • ADD: Dan Schlereth: League Minimum ($0.4m)
  • LESS: Edwin Jackson: $4.2m
  • LESS: Ian Kennedy: ~$0.4m
  • TOTAL: $6.0m

Factoring in the second trade of Edwin Jackson and IPK for Scherzer and Schlereth, the Tigers were able to shed some 2010 payroll. Whether they are better for it or not remains to be seen, but in doing so, it puts the trade virtually neck and neck from a 2010 financial committment.  Of course, it doesn’t include the other moves the Yanks (or Detroit) made to fill in for the pieces traded, such as the Yanks signing Chan Ho Park.

So, knowing what we know now, on the eve of players reporting, are you still happy with this trade?

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One thought on “Is this a trade you would support?

  1. it really would depend on how much Granderson rebounds and/or how much Damon decline, on paper though, I 'd say yes.  mostly because Granderons is much more likely to be better going foward, and none of the prospects the Yanks give up seem to figure into their future plans enough.