If the Orioles' entire schedule consisted of games against Boston they would go 0-162

Since it came up in the comments of this morning’s post, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at just how awful Baltimore has been against Boston since...

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Stories like these warm the cockles of my cold, cold heart

We’re still one day away from the official start of Spring Training, and already reports of Yankees showing up to camp early are coming in. And thank goodness, because another morning...

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What to expect from Melky in 2010

Here’s Dave Cameron of FanGraphs, offering an “optimistic” outlook for Melky Cabrera‘s 2010 prospects.

He’s been around long enough that its easy to forget that he’s just 25 years old. He gets labeled as a tweener, because he’s not a great defensive CF or a great offensive LF,...

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Granderson not a Damon “clone”

In a piece written for Fantasy Baseball purposes, Troy Patterson compares former Yankee, Johnny Damon, to his “replacement,” to new Yankee, Curtis Granderson, and finds that while Damon might have had better overall numbers in his peak years, the two...

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Of Regressions and Rebounds

In 2009, the Yankees got a good “rebound” seasons from a few different players.

Jorge Posada missed plenty of time in 2008, but recovered to have the fourth highest OPS+ of his career.

Derek Jeter was bothered by a hand injury for a good portion of 2008 and added 100 points to his OPS.

Hideki Mastui also saw...

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Should MLB Eliminate The All-Star Game?

[image title=”502px-2008_MLB_All-Star_Game_Logo.svg” size=”full” id=”15066″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]
From MJR at Yankeeist:

And that’s the major problem with All Star games. No one cares. The fans don’t care. I consider myself to be as big a sports fan as you’ll find anywhere. I care so little about these exhibitions that I would rather they not be...

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Eliminating All-Star Games

I’ve felt this way for sometime, but let me now state for whatever posterity exists online that the All-Star Game in every American sport needs to be eliminated. These exhibition games are a waste of time.

The NBA All-Star...

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Could Posada’s heir be Frankie Cervelli?

It’s not as crazy as you might think. Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News did a piece on Cervelli this morning, which included some insight into how the powers that be feel about Cervelli. He writes:

Cervelli, who turns 24 next month, was...

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