These Derek Jeter Contract Predictions Are Outrageous

Mark Polishurk on MLB Trade Rumors did a little speculation today on what kind of contract Derek Jeter will command one year from now. A quote: Something in the neighborhood of a six-year contract that pays Jeter around $22MM per year (a nod to his uniform number) might be a total more to the liking of both parties.  Jeter gets a slight raise from his previous contract, is locked up until he’s 42 years old, and is amply rewarded for his contributions to the team while still leaving the Yankees with a bit of flexibility to sign other players (like, Continue reading These Derek Jeter Contract Predictions Are Outrageous

Adeiny Hechevarria Targeted By Yankees?

From George King: “The Yankees have been on him for a while,” said a scout who saw the 21-year-old shortstop work out recently in the Dominican Republic. “Two weeks ago, about 50 scouts watched him work out and the Yankees were there. They also have seen him in smaller workouts.” Because the Red Sox gave 19-year old shortstop Jose Iglesias $8 million, industry sources expect the right-handed-hitting Hechavarria to command a $7 to $8 million signing bonus. “Maybe more because his bat is better than Iglesias’,” a scout said. The article goes on to quote another scout, one who believes Continue reading Adeiny Hechevarria Targeted By Yankees?

Dave Eiland-‘Hughes Rules’ not like Joba’s

In an interview yesterday with WFAN’s Ed Coleman and Yankee beat reporter Sweeney Murti, Yankee pitching Coach Dave Eiland cleared up some of the confusion surrounding the restrictions that will be placed on Phil Hughes this season. I transcribed that portion of the interview, which can be listened to in it’s entirety here. He said: Sweeney Murti-“Joba made 31 starts last year, and a lot has been made in the previous two years about the restrictions on him, and they’re gone now. But Hughes is going to be on some sort of innings limit this year as well. So should Continue reading Dave Eiland-‘Hughes Rules’ not like Joba’s

MLB Needs To Get In On The Olympics

[image title=”london-olympic-logo” size=”full” id=”15036″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]I really enjoyed watching the Olympic opening ceremonies last night. The cultural show was a let-down, perhaps because I’m comparing it to Beijing but also perhaps because Canada seemed to overemphasize parts of its culture to the point of caricaturization at times. I’m ethnically Canadian, though I don’t have a lot of connection to my past, and nothing in the show made me all that interested in forming a connection, though I did like what they did with projection on the stage. But that’s all for another blog. There is something special about watching the Continue reading MLB Needs To Get In On The Olympics

State Of Yankee Starting Pitching Depth

Not that long ago, the Yankees had more pitching depth than they could have dreamed of. The Triple-A rotation was so full that qualified pitchers had to move to Double-A, and the team even let a few go in the Rule V draft. An impressive amount of pitching has left the organization over the past two years. Off the top of my head, the Yankees have traded, let loose, or seen the (maybe temporary) demise of: Ross Ohlendorf, Jeff Karstens, Daniel McCutchen, Ian Kennedy, George Kontos, Kei Igawa, Eric Hacker, Jeff Marquez, Steve White, Tyler Clippard, Matt DeSalvo and Phil Continue reading State Of Yankee Starting Pitching Depth

Hughes’ fastball confidence

In a FanHouse piece in which Frankie Piliere outlines a handful of former prospects with something to prove in 2010, Piliere cites the Yankees’ young starter/reliever, Phil Hughes. “Bullpen or no bullpen, we saw the real Hughes start to shine through in 2009,” writes the former Texas scout. Piliere attributes Hughes’ newfound success to him seeming “more aggressive and comfortable in every way” last season, as these traits allowed the 23-year old to look like a “different pitcher” on the mound when compared to the discernibly diffident version we saw in 2008. Much of this aggressiveness, notes Piliere, was derived Continue reading Hughes’ fastball confidence

Which Minor Leaguers Will Impact The Yankees in 2010?

Each year, USA Today creates a list of minor leaguers/rookies that all baseball fans should know and watch for in 2010. This is not a top prospect list, but is a list of the 100 players most likely to reach the majors for more than a cup of coffee, and make some sort of impact. Last year’s list included Brett Gardner, Austin Jackson, and David Robertson, with Gardner and Robertson scoring regular roles on the 2009 Yankees. This year’s list includes 2 former Yankees (Jackson and Jose Tabata), and 4 current Yankees: 52. Mark Melancon, RHP, Yankees: Next in line Continue reading Which Minor Leaguers Will Impact The Yankees in 2010?

Cashman: “They have to reconcile why they are not here, not me”

Brian Cashman spoke quite candidly at Univ. of New Haven yesterday about a number of subjects, notably about Damon, but also touched about his policy of not negotiating contracts until they expire. (h/t to i-Yankees).

Let’s begin with that Damon rascal:

My attitude is if this is the place you want to be, you will make it happen. Johnny Damon professed his love for the Yankees, wanted to be here and was given every chance to be here. He’s not here anymore and I don’t feel that is the Yankees’ fault. They have to reconcile why they are not here, not me.


“I told (Damon and Boras), ‘I don’t know if Hal (Steinbrenner, the team’s part owner) would approve it, but I’m not going to fight for it unless we know you will do it,’” Cashman said. “Scott Boras said, ‘Bobby Abreu’s (new) contract is $9 million a year right now on the table so why would we do that? So I expect to see a Bobby Abreu contract.’ … I hope he does not sign for something less than our offer. That means he should have been a Yankee and that’s not our fault.”

Damn well said. I created this blog because of the repeated hypocrisy with so many players… ones like Damon who profess their love of a team, city, whatever, then bolt to a less favorable position when the other team offered $1 more than the team he professed to love. So we’re clear, I don’t begrudge any player for making as much as they can, particularly the younger players. This is what they know and in many cases, all they know. However, with more senior guys like Damon, with nearly $100 million in career earnings (just salary), his being so disingenuine (or is it another word? You tell me) is what troubles me.

Now, with Jeter, Mo and Girardi, Cashman had this to say:

(click “view full post” to read more) Continue reading Cashman: “They have to reconcile why they are not here, not me”

TYU Fantasy Baseball!

Hey all; I’ve put together a fantasy baseball league for the writers and readers of TYU and I’d love for you to join. Right now, E.J. and I are in and the maximum for the league is 12. The draft is currently scheduled for March 15th (Monday). It’s a league from Yahoo! and the ID# is 171636 and the password is simply “tyu” without the quotes. The hitters’ categories are: R, RBI, HR, AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS, SB%. The pitchers’ categories are: IP, W, L, S, K, ERA, WHIP, K/BB, BS. If you’re interested, join on up, we’d love to have you! While Continue reading TYU Fantasy Baseball!