One of the busiest men in the business just got busier

And thankfully, it’s to our collective benefit. For you see, as if routinely spilling thousands of words educating us in on the intricacies of advanced statistics, discovering that Derek Jeter has more power to right than the best player in baseball and the most comprehensive analysis of Phil Hughes’ pitching arsenal I’ve ever seen (not to mention authoring my favorite post of the offseason) wasn’t enough, RAB’s tireless Joe Pawlikowski is now writing for FanGraphs. Take a moment to not only read his inaugural post, but enjoy the fact that one of the top Yankee analysts in the game has Continue reading One of the busiest men in the business just got busier

On vacation!

Well friends… it’s time for a bit of downtime for me. Heading on vacation on Friday 2/12 and will return on Saturday 2/20. I’ll have my trusty laptop but I don’t expect to be posting all that much.

I’ll leave you in the more-than-capable hands of Will and Tamar (and maybe Brad, too!) during my absence.

During my absence:

  1. Johnny Damon will sign for the same money, or less, than the Yanks would have given him (and if it’s Detroit, why did they “need” to deal Granderson for payroll issues?)
  2. Lincecum will be very wealthy
  3. Joba and Hughes and the #5 starter will be debated, again
  4. Someone’s coming to camp in the best shape of their life
  5. The contract statuses of Jeter and Mo (and Girardi) will be annoyingly rehashed
  6. Pitchers and catchers will report and everyone will begin to feel a heckuvalot better

In the meanwhile, have a safe week, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

Remember: Baseball’s around the corner. Continue reading On vacation!

Discussion: Rivera or Jeter Harder To Replace?

[image title=”a-winning-friendship-yankees-af” size=”full” id=”14997″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] With the expiration of their contracts looming, a future without Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera is on the minds of many Yankees fans. Today, River Ave Blues asked their Twitterati the following question: which one of the two will be easier to replace once his time as a major leaguer is up? I opined that Jeter will be more difficult to replace, and my reasoning is two-fold. 1) Jeter will leave a bigger hole. Both are of the best at their respective positions, with Rivera undisputably the greatest closer of all-time. However, a Continue reading Discussion: Rivera or Jeter Harder To Replace?

Visualizing pitcher performance

Earlier this year, Justin Bopp over at Beyond the Box Score showcased a unique illustrative method termed DiamondView (it was Bopp’s creation), in order to evaluate team capabilities with regards to fielding (UZR/150), getting on base (OBP), base-running (EQBRR), and power (ISO). Last time, he provided us with the following review of the American League East using DiamondView (you can read about his methodology here). Now, for our viewing pleasure, he has created individual visuals for pitchers and the results are, once again, a lot of fun to look at. Bopp’s personalized DiamondView evaluations for pitchers are based on command Continue reading Visualizing pitcher performance

Wishing Glavine well

Here’s wishing Tom Glavine all the best as he heads to his new job:

Tom Glavine has officially ended his playing career and reunited with the Braves’ organization.

The Braves have announced that Glavine has accepted the invitation to serve as a special assistant to team president John Schuerholz.

Make no mistake about it, Glavine’s a Hall of Famer, retiring with 305 career wins, which places him #4 amongst lefties all time. Yeah, he was really good for a long time. I won’t let his Mets’ tenure taint my image of him as a Brave.

Though, the truth is, Glavine was about what we could have realistically expected from him, starting at age 37, wasn’t he? Still made at least 32 starts every year as a Met, with an ERA below 4.00. Wasn’t “great”, but solid.

(click “view full post” to gawk at his stats) Continue reading Wishing Glavine well

Preventing Dutch Disease

[image title=”dutch-windmill-flowers1″ size=”full” id=”14986″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] I’ve touched on this idea nin the past, but I would like to fully form it today. The pre-lockout New York Rangers and the current New York Knicks have more in common with the 2000s New York Yankees than a home city. All three functioned with a huge payroll relative to their competition. While the Yankees managed to put together winning teams during their time of payroll advantage, the Rangers and Knicks did not, and I’d be willing to say that all three teams were huge disappointments relative to their payroll. Economists have Continue reading Preventing Dutch Disease

Projecting the Captain

Coming into 2009, we weren’t quite sure what was going to happen to Derek Jeter’s bat. In 2008, Jeter had a 102 OPS+, which was the first time he was below 110 since 1997. His wOBA was .343, still a good mark, but it was the first time ever in a full season that he had a wOBA under .345. His wRC+, 110, was also a career low, as was his anemic IsoP mark of .107. It looked like age was finally beginning to catch up with Derek. I even wondered if his decline was actually coming. Then, 2009 happened. Continue reading Projecting the Captain

PP – Top 20 Yankee Prospects Averaged List

Sean over at Pending Pinstripes did what I was thinking about doing but too lazy to pull the trigger on: he averaged the top-20 prospect lists of every major prospect pundit out there, including my list, and merged it in to one list. Austin Jackson and Arodys Vizcaino were eliminated the the lists were adjusted. Here is my list, and here is the averaged list, with ratings on a 1-240 scale: 1. Jesus Montero – 240 2. Austin Romine – 216 3. Zach McAllister – 207 4. Manny Banuelos – 205 5. Slade Heathcott – 187 6. JR Murphy – Continue reading PP – Top 20 Yankee Prospects Averaged List

Different players, different outcomes

Former Yankees Chien-Ming Wang and Johnny Damon have been making contract news lately, but in different directions. Damon is still unemployed, and while it’s rumored that the Braves have sent him an offer and that he’s been coveting the Tigers, it is also said that he continues to hold out for a two-year deal that may never come. Wang, on the other hand, may have a team shortly, probably landing with the Nationals, but also perhaps the Dodgers. The details of Wang’s pending deal are not being discussed (as far as I’m aware) but I’ll go out on a limb Continue reading Different players, different outcomes