Homer and Baseball, Part Two

Last night, while you were all watching the Super Bowl (congrats to the Saints), I posted part of an essay I wrote as a college junior about the Homeric tradition in regards to baseball. This is the last part of that essay, which focuses directly on the film “The Natural”, which I’m sure you’ve...

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What Makes The Baseball Draft So Hard?

I was discussing hockey with a friend of mine, and an interesting point came up. Here is a chart of the top 10 scorers in the National Hockey League, and their draft position.

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I don't know whether to be elated or terrified

With yet another major projection system not only predicting the Yankees to repeat as AL East champs, but essentially eviscerating the competition in doing so — at least, as much as...

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Baseball and Homer Part One


In the Spring Semester of 2008 at the University of Connecticut, I took what is called a “capstone” course. Basically, it’s a seminar course and my entire grade was based on one research paper that I wrote. The course dealt with the Homeric tradition (that is, The Iliad and...

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Nick Swisher: “Hopefully I’ve found a home”

Via Bryan Hoch (MLB.com), here’s Nick Swisher on joining the Yankees:

“I’ve been bouncing around from team to team the last couple of years, but, knock on wood, hopefully I’ve found a home,” Swisher said. “I really feel honored to be part of this tradition.”

Earlier this winter, there were...

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Robinson Cano and false perceptions of speed

From ESPN‘s Keith Law:

Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote Friday that the Dodgers were disappointed in how slow Hudson was, even referring to him as “Slow-Dawg,” a play on his “O-Dawg” nickname. This struck me as incredibly funny, since I saw Hudson a lot when we...

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Questions About Tabata's Age?

[image title=”tabata3″ size=”full” id=”14808″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]
From the Pitt Trib (h/t BBTF):

His birth certificate and passport say outfielder Jose Tabata was born Aug. 12, 1988, in Anzoategui, Venezuela. Yet, during a recent radio interview, general manager Neal Huntington admitted there are “a lot of rumblings” that Tabata might actually be in his...

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Rank Name Draft Position
1 Alex Ovechkin 1st Overall
2 Henrik Sedin