A Future LF Alternative

Earlier this week, Moshe asked readers what kind of a deal they’d give to Carl Crawford. Obviously, it’s a fair question. He plays left field and, unless Brett Gardner totally blossoms this year, the Yankees may need a stronger left fielder next season. Extension talks between Crawford and the Rays have apparently stalled,...

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Boston's Payroll Inching Upwards

[image title=”153036_brewers_cardinals_baseball” size=”full” id=”15410″ align=”center” alt=”Julio Lugo scores for the Cardinals while being paid by the destitute Red Sox” linkto=”full” ]
NoMaas did a post this morning about Boston’s “little engine that could” attitude and their 2010 payroll, which is slated to be about 170 million dollars. When I first saw that number, I...

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Burnett’s fly ball rate rising

In a recent piece from River Ave Blues’ Joe Pawlikowski, Joe points to A.J. Burnett‘s ground ball rate from 2009, noting it as problematic. Last season, Burnett posted a career low in ground ball rate at 42.8%, which is significantly under his career average of 49.5% (a...

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Charting UZR can be useful…

Derek Jeter’s UZR at shortstop last season was 6.6 runs above average. Nick Swisher’s UZR in right field last season was -0.7 runs below average. Johnny Damon’s UZR in left field last season was -9.2 runs below average. From my own experiences, many baseball fans often toss around FanGraphs’ Ultimate Zone Ratings...

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Posada: Vazquez More Complete Pitcher Now Than In 2004

[image title=”vazquez” size=”full” id=”15378″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]
From Mark Feinsand:

Posada said Vazquez has matured as a pitcher since they played together in 2004, giving the Yankees a much stronger rotation than the one that captured the World Series crown last November. While Vazquez was primarily a fastball-curveball pitcher six years ago, Posada now feels...

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The Numbers Game

A little over a week ago, Moshe posted a piece asking if sabermetrics have gone too far. Since that time, after reading the article itself and various responses to it throughout the Web, I’ve been thinking of ways that could help bring sabermetrics into the mainstream.

Perhaps I’m being too ambitious here; after all, I’m...

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Guest post: The future of Jorge Posada

I’m being harsh on Posada.  He hasn’t really declined yet.  Dude put a 133 OPS+ last season.  He was a large contributor to a World Series victory.  Replace Posada with his backup, Jose Molina, do the Yankees win? Probably.  One player won’t make a huge difference on a 103-win ballclub.  But, obviously the loss would hurt.  Hitters like Posada don’t grow on trees.

The point of this piece was to look into Posada’s future, and how better to do that then with Baseball Prospectus’ marvelous PECOTA system. PECOTA is, shall we say, bearish on Posada.  They peg him for a .263/.355/.445 line (hardly end-of-the-world, but a decline without question) and suggest he’ll be hurt again–only 348 PAs.

That isn’t surprising.  Posada’s got a lot going against him: age/wear and tear, position, his injury issues of late.

How much more can the Yankees reasonably expect out of Posada?  Another season like 2009 is unlikely.  The Yankees do realize he’s nearing the end, don’t they?…

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