Yankees Should Invite Rocco to Camp

In the last few weeks, the Yankees have been connected to a lot of outfielders. They signed one, Randy Winn, to a Major League deal and he will be the team’s fourth outfielder. Right now, Rule V Draft pick Jamie Hoffmann is the fifth outfielder the Yankees are going to give him at least Spring Training to see what he’s got and see if he can be a useful bench outfielder. If Hoffmann does not perform to their liking, the Yankees will drop him from their 25 man roster and be forced to return him to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Continue reading Yankees Should Invite Rocco to Camp

The 5th Starter Fallacy (Joba AND Hughes To Pen?)

Steve already covered the whole Joba to the bullpen debate this morning, so I am not going to rehash it. However, there was one portion of Joel Sherman’s article from this morning that needed to be addressed: Because aren’t the 2010 Yanks much better if both Joba and Hughes are in the bullpen? Think about it. As long as they have health with their main veteran starters — Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte and Javier Vazquez — the importance of a No. 5 man dims. The No. 5 competition could be among Alfredo Aceves, Chad Gaudin and Sergio Mitre. The winner probably Continue reading The 5th Starter Fallacy (Joba AND Hughes To Pen?)

Two Hairstons and a college punter

Are we there yet? In absurdly inconsequential but slightly amusing news, Scott Hairston and the Padres agreed on a one-year $2.45 million deal through salary arbitration, which means Scott will bring home nearly $500k more in 2010 than older brother Jerry, who spurned the Yankees for the opportunity to play with Scott in San Diego. While neither Hairston will ever be mistaken for world-beaters, Jerry’s always seemed like a slightly better player than his fringy brother (although the numbers don’t back this up: Scott’s a career .326 wOBA player and Jerry’s .313), and the salary discrepancy should make for some Continue reading Two Hairstons and a college punter

Is Jeter The Greatest YANKEE?

[image title=”derek-jeter” size=”full” id=”14637″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] Yes, the word Yankee is all caps on purpose. You see, this morning two brothers posted a guest article over at Lohud suggesting that Derek Jeter is the greatest Yankee of all time. They were soundly ripped in the comments, as most of the commenters rightly noted that Jeter really has no case for being a better player than Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, or Dimaggio, and may come in behind Berra as well. However, their post also discussed the off-field scrutiny and issues that Jeter faces, and within that discussion I believe there is Continue reading Is Jeter The Greatest YANKEE?

Wang at least 3 months away

According to MLB.com’s Ken Gurnick, last week, the Dodgers observed the rehabbing Chien-Ming Wang as he threw off flat ground and, needless to say, they were not too impressed by the results. Gurnick says that Joe Torre’s club believes Wang is “three months or more away from pitching in a game,” meaning that he likely won’t be able to find a Major League deal until after the season has begun. In fact, Wang may have to wait until the summer in order to find a taker for his services. He and his agent, Alan Nero, could actually be better off Continue reading Wang at least 3 months away

Desperate Damon

Yesterday, the lovable Scott Boras took to the media in order to try and find his client, the 36-year old outfielder, Johnny Damon, a well furnished home. Speaking to Lynn Henning of the Detroit News, Boras connected Damon to the Tigers, who could presumably use a reliable left fielder. “Johnny believes the addition of him to Detroit’s lineup would make the Tigers a winner,” said the agent. “I can make the Detroit Tigers a winner,” Boras stated, quoting his still homeless outfielder. Strangely, though, while Boras often utilizes an assortment of media channels in order to talk up his customers, Continue reading Desperate Damon

Of things baseball needs to ban, beer in the clubhouse isn't first on the list

Of all the things that MLB could seek to purge from the wide-reaching circles of the game, beer in the clubhouse doesn’t rank first on my list. I understand where Jon Paul Morosi is coming from, though:

A universal ban on alcohol in major league clubhouses is long overdue. Until every team removes beer from the working quarters of its employees, each day on the baseball schedule will include the most unsettling of possibilities that alcohol consumed in a clubhouse could contribute to injury or death on the road.

I struggle to think of a good reason why baseball clubhouses should be viewed differently than all the other workplaces where alcohol is forbidden. The NFL gets this. Roger Goodell has a simple, easy-to-remember policy: If you’re in the locker room, bus or airplane of an NFL team, you can’t drink. Period.

It’s time for Major League Baseball to do the same thing, rather than continue leaving the decision to individual teams.

This is a low-hanging fruit, in my eyes. Could it be done? Of course. Should it be done? Probably so. They don’t offer beer in my office and I’m guessing they don’t offer it in yours, unless you work for Budweiser, Coors, etc. Naturally Craig has his lawyerly take and it’s worth reading.

So let’s make a list of things we want banned from baseball (including the fan experience side of the game), shall we? In no particular order, here are a few to start us off:

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Maybe now he'll retire that Frickin' yellow shirt!

A hearty congrats to Jon Miller, named yesterday as the 2010 Ford C. Frick award winner.

“Jon Miller is one of baseball’s most recognizable voices and is extremely deserving of this prestigious honor,” said Jeff Idelson, president of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. “His soothing play-by-play, his affable and welcoming personality and his relaxed nature on-air give every baseball fan a personal invitation to enjoy the game, as if each was sitting in the front row.”

Maybe now he’ll retire that awful yellow shirt (white collar) that he wears on nearly every Sunday Night Baseball broadcast!

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Mike Lupica Just Can’t Let Go

Just a few days ago, January 29th, our own Moshe Mandel pulled a Fire Joe Morgan on Mike Lupica due to Lupica’s hypocrisy regarding the Yankees and their spending. Well, Lupica threw out another silly piece on Sunday the 31st. The title? “New York Yankees and…Johnny Damon still have time to make a deal.” Before I get into the actual piece, I have some advice for Mr. Lupica: let it go. Seriously, man. Let. It. Go. We get it. You’re not going to be happy with the Yankees no matter what they do. Your act is, frankly, getting tired. When Continue reading Mike Lupica Just Can’t Let Go