And the bullpen, non-Mariano edition?

Offseason discussion this year has focused on hitting and starting pitching, which is as it should be. What’s new, however, is that until the Yankees signed Chan-Ho Park virtually no attention had been paid to...

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BA’s Top 100 Prospects List

Here’s a notable item that we missed yesterday.

Baseball America released its Top 100 Prospects List and the Yankees were represented by their two young backstops, Jesus Montero (4) and Austin Romine (86). Atlanta’s Jason Heyward topped the list (no surprise there), while a few former...

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Jeter not worried about his contract situation (and he shouldn’t be)

Today in Tampa, Derek Jeter met with the media to discuss the new year and, of course, his looming free agency was the dominant topic of conversation. As was expected, Jeter brushed the issue off as a possible distraction and affirmed his desire to be a Yankee for...

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Cashman Resolves Center Field And Batting Order Debates

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Jim Bowden and Jody MacDonald interviewed Brian Cashman on Sirius XM yesterday, and he had the following to say about the Granderson v. Gardner for center field debate (h/t Ben at RAB):

I think that what’s taken place is when you’re asked questions like ‘Is there a possibility...

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Reviewing this Offseason, Part Two

On Monday, I talked about the Yankees offseason on the mound and today, I’ll talk about the hitters. To keep this more brief than the previous post, I’ll limit this to additions and subtractions that will affect the Major League team most.

Let’s start with Johnny Damon’s departure. Obviously, losing a player...

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What kind of contract can Carl Crawford realistically expect to get?

During the last few days we’ve heard some rumblings about the Yankees’ apparent lust for free-agent-to-be Carl Crawford, hence why the team might not be that keen on a hypothetical...

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