HGH testing comes to the minors

See, that concerns me. The thing that will blow the testing process to smithereens and make a mockery of it all will be the false positives, or the claims of false positives.  It’s all a defense attorney (or agent) needs, a small degree of reasonable doubt, to bust it wide open. Speaking of attorney-driven stuff, I turn to Craig Calcaterra, former attorney/current blogger/hero to many for his two cents:

My prediction, however, is that opposed to implementing something considered and reasonable, everyone will bow to media pressure and implement some half-assed, P.R.-driven plan that addresses virtually none of the legitimate concerns regarding HGH while blowing its dangers and effects out of any reasonable proportion.

Two years ago I wrote (again) about the prospect of storing blood tests until a reliable test was available.  This might not be the reliable test we’re waiting for, but I still believe in protecting the current players (and their reputations). I’m not going to debate whether or not HGH is good or bad or indeed the fountain of youth sought by Juan Ponce de León. …

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Cashman on centerfield defense (Granderson and Gardner)

Brian Cashman: “He’s our center fielder. We traded for him to be our center fielder. I think that what’s taken place is when you’re asked questions like ‘Is there a possibility of Gardner playing center?’ I’m like, well, if we feel Gardner makes us our best team with Gardner at center because we’re blessed to have two above average center fielders patrolling Yankee Stadium’s outfield out of the three man alignment. So we have [Nick] Swisher in right, Granderson in center and Gardner, assuming he holds it down and wins it, will be in left. But Granderson’s our center fielder. He’s an above average center fielder and that’s why we acquired him. But to be quite honest if somebody asked, ‘Hey, but is it possible Brett Gardner might be a better center fielder?’ Our defensive metrics on Brett Gardner made him one of the elite center fielders in the game. I’m not saying he’s the top but he’s close to it.

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Igawa to work out of the bullpen this year

According to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, in a last-ditch effort to extract some level of value from Japanese southpaw, Kei Igawa, who ultimately cost the team over $46 million (posting fee and a four-year contract) and forced the front office to reevaluate its scouting program, the...

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Informed opinions on the 2010 Yankees

The bulk of my recent posts have criticized Baseball Prospectus‘ PECOTA projections for the 2010 season. In short, I don’t agree. But, to paraphrase my sister, anyone can hate but it takes a real (stupid?) man...

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