HGH testing comes to the minors

An important first step has been taken: HGH testing is coming to the minor leagues.

Over the past decade, the minor leagues have been the place where Commissioner Bud Selig has introduced new steps against the use of performance-enhancing drugs. The majority of minor leaguers are not members of the players union, which has allowed Selig to take drug-testing measures without the union’s consent. For instance, testing for steroids was initiated on the minor league level before the union later agreed to its use in the majors.

Selig plans to use the same blueprint with H.G.H., with a second baseball official confirming on Tuesday that Selig will now move to get the union’s approval to test for H.G.H. on the major league level.

Is this test bulletproof, however? This, I don’t know. But I do tend to trust testing gurus like Charles Yesalis when he weighs in:

“They have this test for some time and they only caught one guy,” Yesalis said in a telephone interview. “I wouldn’t bet my life on that test.”

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Rejoice! Ozzie Guillen is on Twitter!

Methinks this was the reason why they created Twitter in the first place, so Ozzie Guillen can ramble at will, in 140 character bursts. Here are his first several Tweets, unedited of course!:

  • going to eat in half hour why dye no have a job ?
  • Iam tired from bad very bad golf
  • 3 day of Spring Training and im already boreddddddd
  • what I saw on the field today was a lot of grass…
  • finally I am on this twitter thing it’s about time!

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Cashman on centerfield defense (Granderson and Gardner)

I was listening to MLB on XM on my ride home through the rain tonite and caught their interview with Yanks’ GM Brian Cashman. Thankfully, XM sent around part of the transcript of the interview.

Host/Jody McDonald: “With the acquisition of Curtis Granderson and Johnny Damon leaving you now have three guys for two spots – [Brett] Gardner and [Randy] Winn and Curtis Granderson – manning left field and center field. Are you going to try to make a decision as to what’s the best position for Curtis Granderson and leave him there? Is Curtis going to be asked to go back and forth between center and left? How’s it going to shake out as to where Curtis Granderson plays defensively this year?”

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Igawa to work out of the bullpen this year

According to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, in a last-ditch effort to extract some level of value from Japanese southpaw, Kei Igawa, who ultimately cost the team over $46 million (posting fee and a four-year contract) and forced the front office to reevaluate its scouting program, the Yankees have decided to use Igawa strictly as a reliever this spring. Sherman also adds that the 30-year old will continue to work out of the bullpen while with Scranton, as well. If there is no value to be had from Igawa as a starter, then it makes sense to try him Continue reading Igawa to work out of the bullpen this year

Mike Lowell gets it

There are just some things that make me smile when I read them… like when a player says the right things, not because he thinks he should but because he actually believes what he’s saying. To wit, Mike Lowell:

“I’m getting ready for a season,” he said. “I think I’m pretty intelligent in the sense that there’s no real playing time for me here, basically, barring a major injury, and I’m not really in the business of hoping someone gets hurt just so I get at-bats. For me, I feel like I’m more prepared and ready for a full season than I was last year, so why shouldn’t I play more than I did last year? Whether it’s here or somewhere else, I can’t control that.

“I have to separate two things. There’s the baseball aspect of it and the real-life aspect of it. I’m very comfortable where I am in my real life. I feel like I’m in a tremendously privileged situation. No one needs to feel sorry for me in life. Is my baseball situation not ideal? Yeah, it’s not ideal, and I don’t want to diminish the baseball fact, but you never know what can happen.”

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Burnett trying to cut down on the freebies in 2010

Yesterday, A.J. Burnett told reporters that he plans to cut down on his walks in 2010, after issuing 97 of them a season ago. “I would like to not walk as many people, go a little deeper in the games and be a little more efficient like [CC] is,” noted Burnett. “He’s real efficient with his pitches. He’s 12-15 an inning as opposed to 20-25 an inning, and it helps. Being more efficient in strike one, and just not give away free bags. Let them earn their bases.” Not only was Burnett’s 4.22 BB/9 the second highest mark of his Continue reading Burnett trying to cut down on the freebies in 2010

What Kind Of Deal Would You Give Carl Crawford?

[image title=”539w” size=”full” id=”15325″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] From John Heyman: One reason the Yankees were reluctant to go for a two-year deal for Johnny Damon might have had little to do with Damon and been a greater reflection of what they think of Carl Crawford. The Yankees love him. Crawford is almost sure to be too rich for the low-revenue Rays, and the Yankees jump to the head of the class for interested teams. Remember, too, that the Yankees passed on Matt Holliday. It all seems to set up nicely for Crawford. I am not certain that the Yankees are Continue reading What Kind Of Deal Would You Give Carl Crawford?

Projecting the New(est) Guy

South Korean right hander Chan Ho Park was just signed by the Yankees and he will likely be the long man out of the bullpen. Before getting into the numbers, I like this deal. At $1.2MM base, this is a pretty good deal for the Yankees. It’s relatively cheap and Park is pretty versatile. He can be called on for multiple inning duty, which I love, and can do the one inning stuff as well. Basically, he’s an older version of Alfredo Aceves. Having two men out of the bullpen who can go multiple innings is very valuable, because it Continue reading Projecting the New(est) Guy

Informed opinions on the 2010 Yankees

The bulk of my recent posts have criticized Baseball Prospectus‘ PECOTA projections for the 2010 season. In short, I don’t agree. But, to paraphrase my sister, anyone can hate but it takes a real (stupid?) man to put it on the line. So, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and putting my personal projections for the 2010 Yankees on your screen. Except, I’m stopping short of making precise predictions. I won’t actually give exact number estimates of where I think a player will perform. Hence the title of this post, which took me a while to settle on. Continue reading Informed opinions on the 2010 Yankees