Is this a trade you would support?

With Damon now in Detroit and nearly all of the off-season moves are complete, let’s aggregate some of the moves and recalibrate. Is this a trade you would still make:

Yankees trade: Johnny Damon, Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, Ian Kennedy*

Detroit trades: Curtis Granderson, Marcus Thames

* IPK was dealt to ARI with Edwin Jackson for Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth

Of course, that’s not really how it worked, but for kicks and giggles, let’s imagine it did. And, with all trades, let’s factor in their 2010 salaries:

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Anticipating Questions About The Yankee Budget

When the Yankees signed Chan-Ho Park this morning, those that were cynical about the Yankees budget took the opportunity to declare the budget a sham. As Joel Sherman explains, this is simply not the case: Essentially, the Yankees had $2 million remaining in their budget when Randy Winn was signed for a $1.1 million. But as Park’s price kept falling, Yankees GM Brian Cashman continued to lobby ownership to expand the payroll because the organization viewed Park as one of the top relievers on the market. And when the price fell further over the course of the week, from $1.5 Continue reading Anticipating Questions About The Yankee Budget

Posada and Burnett to reunite this season

Not sure if this was reported as a standalone item anywhere, but Erik Boland of Newsday informs us that manager, Joe Girardi, has announced that Jorge Posada will catch A.J. Burnett this season. A serious amount of ink was devoted to the Burnett-Posada duo a season ago, after the two seemed to have “problems” working with one another, which led Girardi to install Jose Molina as Burnett’s everyday catcher (and which Posada did not like very much). Result-wise, while there may be some substance to the notion that the two did not gel well as a unit – over 16 Continue reading Posada and Burnett to reunite this season

McAllister waits for an opportunity

Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record has a nice piece out on Zach McAllister, one of the Yankees best-rated pitching prospects. McAllister, 22, is in camp this spring to show off his stuff after tossing 121 innings of 2.23 ERA ball for Trenton in 2009. Though he isn’t known for his strikeout totals – 96 last season – McAllister’s command and sinking fastball have him at the top of the Yankees’ list if the need arises for a farm system callup, at some point, in 2010. The 6’6″ right-hander will do his best during Spring Training to keep his name Continue reading McAllister waits for an opportunity

A wee-bit on Manny

We love Manny in these here parts. For many reasons, including last summer’s Vote For Manny extravaganza. [Remember why I started that, OK?] For his silliness. For his female hormone therapy. For his rationalizations. For his hating on Boston. You name it.

We also have to chuckle when he gives us quotes like this:

“From the waist down, I feel 15,” [Manny] said. “From the neck up, I feel 43. I feel good.”

So many directions to go with that.

  1. The waist down image… ugh. Maybe that’s due to the female hormones?
  2. Haven’t his knees been major issues for him for the last half a decade, at least?
  3. His head feels 43. What does that mean?
  4. His torso must be numb

Any reason why the Dodgers aren’t going to try to resign him? Maybe this:

Ramirez will turn 38 on May 30 and is entering the final season of a two-year, $45 million contract. He spent a large chunk of last season serving a 50-game suspension for violating baseball’s drug policy and most of the rest of the season struggling at the plate.

Oh, and that pesky McCourt divorce thingie…

Still, you gotta love Manny and his views on the world as he sees it. Continue reading A wee-bit on Manny

Reviewing this Offseason, Part One

On the 17th, Tim of MLB Trade Rumors posted the off season in review for the Yankees. There, he obviously lists all the moves that Brian Cashman has made since the Yankees won their 27th championship in November. Since the roster is more or less set, and we’ve got little to do until the Spring Training opener, I thought it’d be nice for us to do a little review of some of the different moves. Today, we’ll talk about pitching The Yankees made two moves in the rotation this year: they re-signed Andy Pettitte to a one year, $11.75MM deal Continue reading Reviewing this Offseason, Part One

Yanks add Chan Ho Park to bullpen for some reason

I’d read the rumors last week about the Yankees’ interest in Chan Ho Park, though I didn’t think they’d actually bother to sign him. I’m not entirely sure what attracted the Yankees to Park, whose last stint in the AL was both half a decade ago and terrible. Park seems to have reinvented himself as a somewhat serviceable reliever, posting an FIP of 3.49 for the Phillies last season, but I’m not sure Park brings anything to the table that the Yankees couldn’t have gotten from an internal candidate. Not that this has anything to do with anything, but Park Continue reading Yanks add Chan Ho Park to bullpen for some reason

Yankees Annual 2010 On Sale Today!

[image title=”book73_300″ size=”full” id=”15254″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]For the third straight year, I have the pleasure of announcing to you that I have been published by Maple Street Press in their yearly season preview magazine Yankees Annual 2010. It is an absolute pleasure to write for them every year. In the past, I’ve contributed long-form pieces on Joba Chamberlain and the Yankee farming strategy. This year, I actually have two articles in the Annual. The first article is titled, “Who Says Farming Doesn’t Pay: Yanks Collect Dividends Through Plan B” and is one of my favorite long-form articles that I’ve ever Continue reading Yankees Annual 2010 On Sale Today!