Don’t expect Granderson to bounce around the OF in 2010

According to Bryan Hoch (, manager Joe Girardi “said that he knows Granderson can play left or center field without issue and believes that Gardner can learn to play left. While Granderson is athletic enough to go back and forth between left and center depending on if Gardner...

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The Run Scoring of an All-Time Lineup

In his post yesterday about the potential batting order for 2010, Steve posted an image of a lineup card for what appears to be an All-Time Yankee team. Obviously, that team is just stacked. So stacked, in fact, that it got me thinking–what would my all time Yankee batting look like and how many...

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Can Brackman Turn It Around?

From Ben Shpigel:

They still see him as a top-of-the-rotation force but, because of his unusual past, also as someone who must be evaluated differently from his peers.

A basketball career at North Carolina State and reconstructive elbow surgery, nine days after the Yankees signed him as a first-round pick in August 2007, curbed Brackman’s innings...

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A little insight into Posada's game-calling

Pardon me while I retch, as I can’t say I ever thought I’d be using the word “insight” to refer to anything carrying Jon Heyman’s byline, but I couldn’t help but notice...

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Second or Seventh?

One of Joe Girardi’s biggest challenges this spring will be crafting an effective lineup.

The two primary candidates for batting second this season are Nick Johnson and Curtis Granderson. While that is not at all surprising – as seen by the poll in our sidebar – according to Bryan...

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What to expect from Granderson’s glove in 2010

In 2006-07, Curtis Granderson‘s two-year UZR was an impressive 27.9. Since then, though, the results have been less than stellar. In 2008, Granderson went backwards, posting an -8.9 UZR. Last season, he recovered with a 1.6 mark. So, after a pretty scattered defensive showing in Detroit, what do...

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Quick Answers

Yesterday, Moshe posted 25 questions/issues going into Spring Training. Tackling them one-by-one in full posts would take way too long, so I’m going to give some quick hit answers to each one.

1. Jorge’s decline: Steve’s got legit concerns about Jorge declining, and if there’s anyone on the Yankees who’s going to...

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