NoMaas Interviews Brian Cashman: Gardner/Granderson, Jesus Montero, Joba/Phil again brings us a great Yankee interview. Brian Cashman sat down to talk all things Yankees. Its really a great read. I recommend reading the whole thing. I’d like to comment on a few things.

SJK: On to the 5th starter competition — Joba Chamberlain lost significant juice on his fastball last year, in...

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Let the (spring training) games begin

As far as I’m concerned this is the actual first day of 2010. My new year doesn’t begin until the baseball season begins. In the past I’ve ignored spring training, but I’m more excited for this season to...
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Reliving a moment in Damon’s past

“I just found out the importance of going to play baseball again,” Damon said. “What it came down to was coming back wasn’t for me. It was for the Yankees. The Yankees were the reason I wanted to go play again.  They showed faith in me and gave me a real nice contract.

“And there’s a lot of fans out there who like what I do and a lot of charities out there that I can help by being a ballplayer. I’m thinking about baseball now but I’m also thinking about life after baseball. There are so many people I can impact, and baseball gives me that avenue to do it.”

Unfortunately for the Yanks, Damon, the fans… Damon –it seems– didn’t remember these thoughts. Had he, he might have put his ego aside and re-signed with New York.  Alas, the ego was greater than his other beliefs and comments (that he only wanted to stay and play in New York; that he could be most impactful in NY, on the Yankees).…

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Second Fantasy League

Hey, everyone. Just a quick “programming” note. There is now a second TYU Fantasy Baseball League. It, too, is on Yahoo! and has the same settings as the first league. There’s again a 12 team limit.

League ID#: 246409
Password: tyu

So, join on up and enjoy!

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Discussion: Can We Really Judge A Player's Effort?

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Last week, I wrote a post about aversive racism in sports analysis. In the post, I provided an example in the perceived effort levels of Dustin Pedroia and Robinson Cano, and suggested that it is almost impossible for us to judge whether a player cares and is...

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Chien-Ming Wang a National

It’s for real this time. According to Chico Harlan, the Nationals have agreed to a $2 million, one-year deal with Chien-Ming Wang. He can earn an additional $3 million in incentives. Washington is set to unveil Wang on Friday, in Florida, at Space Coast Stadium. Wang’s pinstriped career ends with a 55-26 record,...

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Yanks went after Curtis Granderson at the right time

Recently, many have wondered why the Detroit Tigers would spend money on Johnny Damon after they traded Curtis Granderson due to supposed salary concerns. It makes you question whether or not Granderson was, in fact, sent to New York for that reason (maybe there was another issue that forced...

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What Makes Him Valuable?

We authors here at TYU all seem to bring something different to the proverbial table. Moshe grinds out meaningful posts that are well developed and thought provoking. E.J. does the prospect thing. Steve likes to touch on the “hot button” issues of Yankee-land. Chris and I delve into a more analytical realm. Of course, we...

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