Finally! Maple bats face ban

We’ve been on this subject for quite a while, as you can see below:

Of course, there is another solution that seems to make some sense to me, and also seems to conform to MLB rules and regulations. It’s called The Bat Glove and according to their site:

Keeping the integrity of a solid wood bat unchanged yet making it less prone to shattering has been a solution that many people have been searching for. The brilliant thing about this invention is that it’s transparent to the eye, lighter than paper, and best of all the players hands never even touch it.

  1. MLB allows any type of adhesive tape or pine tar to be placed on a bat for the purposes of grip. Those items can be applied no more than 18” above the handle of the bat.
  2. The Bat Glove is nothing more than adhesive polymeric film. It was scientifically engineered to be applied to a portion of the lower 18” of a solid wood bat.
  3. The Bat Glove contains flying debris when solid-wood bats shatter thus increasing and maintaining the players grip on the bat even when it breaks into multiple pieces.
  4.  The Bat Glove meets or exceeds MLB Official Rules 1.10

(c) The bat handle, for not more than 18 inches from its end, may be covered or treated with any material or substance to improve the grip. Any such material or substance, which extends past the 18 inch limitation, shall cause the bat to be removed from the game.

See?  Doesn’t that make some sense? 

One of the owners of The Bat Glove is a visitor to IIATMS, since we’ve traded emails a while back. I’ll be looking to chat with him again to get his take on the news above and what’s the latest with MLB’s and players’ acceptance or reluctance to use The Bat Glove.

Without trying to sound like a shill for The BatGlove, at least have a watch and see what it’s about:

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2 thoughts on “Finally! Maple bats face ban

  1. Thanks Jason for the article ! We welcome a call from you at 602-524-5630 (Steve Rauso) . As you know,we are the solution to a very big problem,and need all reports and reporters to get MLB to approve and mandate the bat glove, before this season begins!

  2. What does not make sense is that the BatGlove already passed all the tests MLB required with 100% success yet they refuse to use it. Was told it would be mandated on bats in the MLB for the 2010 season by Dan Halem on December 4, 2009.