A glimmer of hope on yet another gloomy winter morning

Think I’m all set on snow; thanks for checking though.

In far, far better news, Chad Jennings has the Yankees’ first lineup of 2010! Game’s at 1:05pm on YES; if you’re lucky enough to be home to watch, feel free to pipe in and let us know what’s going on in the comments section. Also, last night I saw a commercial featuring Michael Kay in which Kay claimed to have almost died to do a faulty carbon monoxide alarm, so I’d be curious to know whether he mentions this incident on air. That’s pretty serious stuff, and I’m surprised I haven’t seen this story covered anywhere in the New York sports media.

In a small bit of (non) news, Joba Chamberlain missed yesterday’s team outing to the arcade with flu-like symptoms. Clearly this never would’ve happened if they permanently put Joba back in the bullpen where he belongs. Guys with bulldog mentalities who can pitch teh ate are way too badass to ever get sick.

5 thoughts on “A glimmer of hope on yet another gloomy winter morning

  1. This is Crystal Robinson, a representative of Kidde. We are the company that partnered with Michael Kay on the carbon monoxide alarm public service announcement. Please understand that Kay did not almost die because of a faulty carbon monoxide alarm, he almost died because he decided to ignore his carbon monoxide alarm when it sounded.

    When someone's alarm sounds, a typical response is to think the alarm is malfunctioning when in actuality, there is a problem. This is very dangerous!

    Here is a link to the video mentioned above:


  2. Let me tell you what is worse !! Kay admits he almost died of CO poisoning , does the TV commercial , then during the commercial says he needs to change out his existing detector !!! Come on Kay , the detector hasn't been changed out yet ?? You can make a TV commercial , rake in some bucks claiming how you almost lost your life and your irresponsible enough to admit you haven't changed out the faulty detector yet !! GET A LIFE , Mr. KAY , but remember your not Morris the cat , you don't have 8 lives left.!!

  3. In the commercial he say he installed a new one then ignored it? Really? Seems fishy to me.