Morning link dump

A few worthwhile links to start your Tuesday morning off:

RAB’s prolific Joe P. (does the man ever sleep?) ponders whether Sergio Mitre and Alfredo Aceves are actually making cases for the fifth starter slot.

Steven Goldman at the Pinstriped Bible explores Andy Pettitte’s HOF case, something that Mike looked at back in early January.

Jay and Matt at Fack Youk are spearheading the campaign to get Kevin Youkilis to shave his unsightly facial hair.

BBD dismisses yet another overblown A-Rod “scandal.”

2 thoughts on “Morning link dump

  1. As I mentioned to Mike ( AND I just don't see Mitre or Aceves in the rotation, all things being equal. the spot is Joba Chamberlain's to lose and as long as he's healthy, I think he breaks spring training as the 5th starter. He has no innings limitations and Hughes does, so to do anything else would sacrifice the development plan they've been working on for years. I do think the Yankees best 2010 team is with both Hughes and Chamberlain in the bullpen, but not the best long term strategy for the team.

    I think HOF standards have to change for pitchers now that the bullpen has become so specialized. I believe most folks would agree that using 3 relievers in a game is reasonable, although not ideal. 3 innings is a lot of time between when the starter leaves the game and the bullpen nails down the W, so I think 300 wins is an unattainable standard in the 21st century.

    Youk looks like an extra from 'Over the Top' and I think I would miss that if he wen clean shaven. Also, you have to consider the possibility that he might look even uglier without it. And, maybe like my high school english teacher, he's hiding an embarrassing tattoo on his chin.


  2. Oh one more thing about spring training – you know who had an awesome spring with the Yankees a few years back? Jaret Wright. 0.86 ERA in 21 innings. the guy ended up getting hurt, so his 05 line was 13 games, 63.2 IP, 6.08 ERA. I know, i didn't include any advanced stats, but with an ERA like that, does it even matter? there's a reason why people say, 'dont believe anything you see in March or September.' its because success in those months dont translate into successful career. so, dont believe the yankees that there is really an open competition for the 5th starter roll. there isnt.
    ~jamie (again)