Are the Red Sox suffering from sticker shock?

Consider that they’ve now put $185 million into 11 combined years of Lackey and Matsuzaka, neither of whom is as good a pitcher as Josh Beckett, and both of whom are larger injury risks based on their history. Maybe the kitty has run dry; maybe they really do think Beckett is injured; maybe they’re just using the press as a negotiating tactic (though this wouldn’t look great given that both sides have agreed to not discuss negotiations with the press. Oops.)

My best guess as to what’s really going on? They want to prop Kevin Youkilis up, by finally, finally, freeing him of the title “ugliest player on the Red Sox”.

You be the judge.

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4 thoughts on “Are the Red Sox suffering from sticker shock?

  1. I don’t know if they’ve run out of money. They’ve shown in the past that they’re willing to part with free-agents. My guess is that they’ve assessed his risk and decided that four years is enough (and they’re probably right). They’re also hoping for a strong year from Buchholz, and if that doesn’t happen (I remain skeptical), they might bend more on the Beckett front. He is better than Lackey, but they decided they needed Lackey this year without the additional offense. I guess we’ll find out, but there’s no reason to rush into an extension now.

  2. The Sox always seem to be worried about injury risks whenever they don't want to spend the money to re-sign somebody (like Jason Bay.)  I'm not surprised this appears to be happening with Josh Beckett.

  3. Well, if I'm to believe a truly frightening percentage of mainstream national media, the Red Sox can do no wrong, every move Theo makes is golden, and the organization is smarter than the other 29 put together.   If I assume all of that to be true, I'll have to second Squawkers here.