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2 thoughts on “Yanks top in total GLOBAL team pay

  1. Something's wrong with this list.  Notice that the Dallas Mavericks (total payroll: $87 million) are on the list, while the Miami Dolphins (total payroll: $136 million)  are not on the list.

    The list seems to be based on the cost per player of the team's starters.  So, naturally, this method pushes basketball teams up the list, since they only have 5 starters.  Football teams have more starters, so the average price per starter is lower.

    I haven't tried to figure it out, but what are the number of starting players assigned by this list to the various sports?  Is baseball given 9 starters?  Do the makers of this list assume that C. C. can start every game?  How about football (the American version)?  Are there 11 starters?  22?  Do the list makers figure that Eli Manning can always handle the punting and place kicking?

    If I understand the list correctly, then the number two team on this list should be the tennis doubles team of Venus and Serena Williams, who earn an average of 4,350,000 british pounds per team member per year.  For this list, it helps to have only two players on your team!!