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Happy Wednesday afternoon, TYU readers. I’ve got some ideas that I’d like to briefly touch on, and of course I’d like your input as well.

–Will Andy Pettitte’s lack of meaningful Spring Training innings hurt him in the regular season? I’m not quite sure of this one, but I’d lean towards it hurting him a bit. I don’t think he’ll be awful or horribly ineffective, but I have a good feeling it will affect his stamina, at least for the first start or two.

–Can Sergio Mitre be effective a a long reliever? My first reaction is no, but I’m not a big Mitre fan to begin with. He’s looked pretty good in Spring Training, but that can be very deceptive. I would’ve preferred it if the Yankees kept Chad Gaudin, but that obviously didn’t happen. Anyway, Mitre’s lack of missing-bats-ability will likely hurt him as a reliever. His good control is helpful, but he does give up hard contact. Hopefully, he can carry his ST success with him to the regular season, but I’m not about to hold my breath. Trading him is an option, too, but the returns would be meager. Perhaps it’s better to just hold on to him and hope for the best.

–Does Marcus Thames really deserve his roster spot? I don’t think so, but sending Jamie Hoffmann back to the Dodgers pretty much seals that deal. I have to wonder if the Yankees would be better served taking Jon Weber with them to NY, even if he is left handed. Thames’ playing time will be very limited and he’ll give back almost all of his offensive value with probable poor defensive play.

–Will Ramiro Pena hit enough to keep his job? We all know Ramiro Pena can field like a pro, but I don’t think any of us are confident that he can even repeat last year with the bat. A related question is if we’ll see Kevin Russo in the utility role at some point. I think the answer to that question is yes. Eventually, Pena will have a bad stretch and he and Russo will swap places.

–Will the Yankees’ announcing cops. at least be respectable this year? Meh. I’m not holding my breath on this one, right guys? Sterling and Waldman are nails on a chalkboard, Kay is as full of self-importance as ever, John Flaherty is painfully boring, and David Cone is gone. The only acceptable voices on YES are Bob Lorenz–who’s sadly stuck in studio–and Ken Singleton, who has bouts with inconsistency. I dream of the day when the mute button is not an option.

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6 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. Couple things:

    -Leiter isnt too bad as a color guy and obviously O’Neil is great when he’s on. Unfortunately, I believe Tino will be doing some Color and he’s just awful when it comes to broadcasting.

    -I just saw Ryan Garko was put on waivers. He might be able to be a good right handed guy off the bench for tough lefties. Garko has a career .887 OPS and .313 batting average hitting RH vs. Lefties. He might be a decent replacement for Thames.

  2. Is Leiter coming back? I thought his gig at MLB Network might take all his time.

    Losing Cone and Leiter would be gruesome.

    • Yea Leiter was part of the announcers round chair thing for the 2010 Yankee special on YES. He must be splitting time with the 2 networks.

  3. The fact that these are the big questions is a good sign. I don’t think Pena has to hit as well as last year to keep his job. I think superior defense and some speed is of greater importance than offense from the utility infielder given the quality of the team offense overall and the number of games A-Rod, Jeter and Cano typically play. If Cano were to need to go on the DL and miss a significant chunk of games, I could see Russo getting the call up and getting more starts than Pena. I don’t see Russo offering more value though when the role is the occasional spot start, late inning replacement, or pinch runner. I think Pena will keep his job. I think Thames is fine as long as Gardner and Winn play well enough that you don’t need to ask too much of him. Unless Gardner flops, I think they can be paient and consider upgrading after the all-star break. Mitre is a wild card to me. I at least like the idea of having a long man/spot starter and not having to pull someone from Scranton whenever an emergency starter is needed. I expected Gaudin to win the job but Mitre pitched well and Giradi clearly likes him. I also like having a sinkerballer in the bullpen for when what you need most is a DP. Mitre at least has the potential to me to be valuable.

    I’ll miss Cone this year and Leiter if he’s used less. Those two offered the best analysis. I think Singleton is good though and I enjoy O’Neill. I don’t really dislike any of them that much other than when Kay endlessly belabors a point assuming the audience or his co-announcers don’t get it. There are much worse out there including a lot of the network guys.

  4. Buck Showalter was dynamite on Espn’s Tuesday Red Sox-Rays game. All sorts of good old tme color.

    I agree about Cone, what’s he doing? Leiter is fascinating and O”Neil is fun. Other than that it’s going to be mute button.

    I saw what you like about Kevin Russo in a recent game, but Ramiro will hit, and, boy, what a good fielder!

  5. Russo may have the bat, but no way does he compare to Pena on a defensive level. I also like the energy the kid gives off, always excited, makes it fun to watch him.