Is Robertson The Next Yankee Closer?

[image title=”d-rob” size=”full” id=”15978″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] Mike Silva raised an interesting point this morning, one that often gets overlooked in all the hullabaloo around Joba and Hughes: Everyone talks about Joba Chamberlain as the “heir apparent” but Robertson should be just as much in the conversation. If he qualified his 12.98 K/9 would be second to only Jonathan Broxton last season. The one thing he needs to work on is his command, but that hasn’t stopped K-Rod (4.1 BB/9) from carving out a great career as a closer….. Look, no one will ever replace Mariano Rivera. There is also Continue reading Is Robertson The Next Yankee Closer?


As longtime readers know, baseball is my one and only love when it comes to sports. However, as a teenager growing up in Manhattan in the mid-90s, I, like many of my peers, fell in love with the Pat Ewing/Charles Oakley/John Starks/Derek Harper/Charles Smith Knicks teams. Unfortunately, as talented as they were they just could not get it done. I’ll never forget the 1994 NBA Finals, featuring O.J.’s white Bronco irritatingly interfering with a huge Game 5 Knicks victory, and of course, quite possibly my worst sports memory of all time, John Starks missing shot after shot after shot en Continue reading Madness

Just how big are those new, protective helmets anyways?

Just in case you were curious, like me, about how big the new protective, concussion-resistant helmets were in relation to a normal helmet, have a look at these visual comparisons:

Eee-gads! At least Cervelli, who will be wearing one while batting, is taking the right approach:

“Big Leagues, my friend,” Cervelli said. “I’ll do whatever it takes to stay here forever.”

…Cervelli made it clear that even if it means wearing the Great Gazoo style batting helmet, Cervelli is serious about protecting himself after suffering yet another concussion.

“It’s not about how I look,” he said. “I’ve got to take care of myself. That’s it.”

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“If everyone pitches great…”

“If everyone pitches great, we might run them all out again” That’s what Yankee manager Joe Girardi said in his pregame interview when asked if the 5th starter competition would get wrapped up next week. As Chris reported yesterday they intend to wrap things up soon, but things could get extended with some big performances among the participants. But it begs a question, one that I thought would be fun to kick around. I think we know that all things being equal, this is a 2 horse race between Joba and Hughes. Let’s assume that both of them pitch lights Continue reading “If everyone pitches great…”

Flaherty disses A-Rod (sort of)

I’m calling it a diss, although you might disagree. Here’s the quote in question, via Seth Livingstone of USA Today: John Flaherty, former big-league catcher in his fifth season as a broadcaster for the YES Network, came up through the Boston Red Sox system ahead of Garciaparra and now sees Jeter and Rodriguez on a regular basis. He remembers well the discussions in the clubhouse similar to those among fans who debated the merits of the three stars. “(Players would say) Alex might have the best all-around ability of the three — the fielding, the power, the tools scouts would Continue reading Flaherty disses A-Rod (sort of)

Yanks likely to announce 5th starter next week

Not sure if this was mentioned at some point earlier this week, but, according to Tyler Kepner of the New York Times, Yankees skipper, Joe Girardi, “has said he would like to decide on a fifth starter by next Thursday or Friday,” meaning that it is imperative for each of the five competing starters vying for the team’s final rotation spot to make the best of their remaining opportunities (possibly one more game a piece). Basically, this is it. It’s crunch time down in Florida. Now for a quick tangent… When you think about it strictly from a statistical perspective, Continue reading Yanks likely to announce 5th starter next week

Guest Post: Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford and 2011 Free Agency: Irresponsible Speculation

[image title=”4_26_cl_ap” size=”full” id=”15963″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] The last of our guest posts was done by (sic). Some of you might recognize him from RAB as “the artist formerly known as (sic)” or from twitter as @tafkasic, and you can read more of his work at He took a look at the 2011 free agent market and the Yankees’ place within it. It is an entertaining read that I think you will enjoy. The 2010-2011 offseason could be one of the most exciting Hot Stove periods in recent memory for Yankees fans. Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera will both Continue reading Guest Post: Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford and 2011 Free Agency: Irresponsible Speculation

Bad ideas and ludicrous statements (aka: Why people hate NYY fans)

Background: I like Mike Silva. I had the chance to meet and chat with him at the Bloomberg event a few weeks back. I’m not against my fellow members of the Yankosphere for taking controversial stances or putting forth creative/new/wacky ideas. But we have to expect to be called out on them, when appropriate.

That said, Mike posted a doozy today, one that had my head spinning. Let’s start here:

The Twins could get a king’s ransom from the Yankees for Mauer. Think Hughes, Joba, and Montero as cornerstones of the package. If they are concerned about development timeline of Montero, then perhaps you could add Posada to the deal since he only has a year left on his contract. If the Red Sox come calling then the package could get even better.

Let’s ponder that for a moment. Hughes, Joba AND Montero, and that’s just the opening offer?!?!?! I’m speechless On what planet would Cashman ever do this? He balked dealing Hughes, IPK, Melky and whoknowswhoelse for Johan Santana, and you know Cash’s love of ace starting pitching. Why? Well, one reason was the “double dip cost”; huge hit to the farm system AND a huge financial committment. Well, the difference between then and now is that Hughes and Joba are integral parts of the major league club, no longer prospects. They are expected to contribute in significant ways, again. And Montero is merely the best catching prospect in the game today at the precocious age of 20. There’s room for him to grow, physically, mentally, emotionally and skill-wise behind the dish. The long term “value” for those three, given their costs, is astronomical.

Oh yeah, throw in Posada and his final year as a toss-in. Never mind that his own Yankee legacy, though not Jeterrific, is pretty damn impressive.

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Should The Yankees Pursue Elijah Dukes?

[image title=”tauntr-news-headline” size=”full” id=”15959″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] (I know, terrible headline. The NY Post would be proud). As I am sure most of you know by now, Elijah Dukes was released by the Nationals yesterday. The Nats stated clearly that Elijah had not done anything wrong in terms of behavior, and that this was purely a baseball decision. The first question on the mind of many Yankee fans was, should the Yankees pursue Dukes? Last offseason, I felt fairly strongly that the Yankees should try and trade for Elijah: If I were Brian Cashman, I would strongly consider swinging a Continue reading Should The Yankees Pursue Elijah Dukes?