Top Yankee storylines of the 2010 season: Can Curtis Granderson be this year’s Nick Swisher?

Below is the first post from our newest contributor, Joe Montesano. Please give Joe a warm Yankeeist welcome.

This time last year, you were hearing a lot of whispers about how...

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Aceves’ back may open door for Logan

In his latest post, Joe Pawlikowski of River Ave discusses something that been quietly bubbling under the surface this spring. Alfredo Aceves has been having back trouble for his past few starts, and he may begin the season on the DL. That would open the door...

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Are the Red Sox suffering from sticker shock?

Consider that they’ve now put $185 million into 11 combined years of Lackey and Matsuzaka, neither of whom is as good a pitcher as Josh Beckett, and both of whom are larger injury risks based on their history. Maybe the kitty has run dry; maybe they really do think Beckett is injured; maybe they’re just using the press as a negotiating tactic (though this wouldn’t look great given that both sides have agreed to not discuss negotiations with the press. Oops.)

My best guess as to what’s really going on? They want to prop Kevin Youkilis up, by finally, finally, freeing him of the title “ugliest player on the Red Sox”.

You be the judge.

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Graphing The AL East Projections

Dave Allen at Baseball Analysts compiled the projected standings created by the various projection systems, and created a nifty graph to present the data:
[image title=”AL_East” size=”full” id=”16287″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]

As you can see, most of the systems have the division finishing in the same order, going Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Orioles, and Blue...

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Joba’s so-called “development program”

On Friday, when asked about Joba Chamberlain, who recently lost the fifth starter competition to fellow teammate, Phil Hughes, Yankee GM, Brian Cashman, offered the following. “What we did was, we finished off [Joba’s] development program,” Cashman said. “We have choices with him. He can start if we...

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Early and Irresponsible Awards Picks

It’s March 29th. The season doesn’t even start for another six days. However, in this lull before the start of the season, there isn’t all that much to talk about. I’m sure you’re all incredibly tired of talking about Joba/Hughes (though I doubt we’ve heard the last of that situation, including from me), so I...

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Cashman discusses Eppler’s Joba admission

Yesterday, Steve pointed to an interesting WFAN interview from Saturday, in which the Yankees’ director of professional scouting, Billy Eppler, discussed Joba Chamberlain’s future as a pitcher. To the dismay of many – myself included – in the interview, Eppler basically stated that Joba would remain a reliever...

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