Less than a week to go, taking inventory

As every Yankeeist reader will certainly know, the Yankees start their 2010 title defense on Sunday, April 4th versus the Boston Red Sox. With less than a week of Spring Training to go, now seems like...

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Sherman: I loves me some backhanded compliments

So while Joel is true to his opening salvo and doesn’t mention any of those three things, you can almost imagine him at his laptop, poop-eating grin on his face, as he banged out these backhanded compliments (emphasis mine):

He is happy, healthy and currently not under indictment. Oh, sorry, we digress.


That includes mentally. The Rodriguez who rejoined the Yankees early last May was more team- and win-oriented, less obsessed with his personal quests, less a slave to his ego and insecurity.


At 34, he is more prepared than ever to deal with the distractions sure to be the subject of future columns.

Oh please stop it, will ya?  We all know you’ll be at the front of the line to bury ARod if he screws up or this Galea thing blows up, Joel.  Even ahead of me.  Except I’ll do it with disappointment, not glee.

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Discussion: Possible Starters In 2011

Although it seems like the Joba debate will continue to roil forever (see the comments on Steve’s post), let’s move forward assuming that Joba is staying in the bullpen for the foreseeable future. If that holds true, then the Yankees will only have 3 starting pitchers under contract for 2011, with CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett,...

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Feeling a draft, 2010 edition (updated)

This is my office league.  I was a last minute addition so I had no input into the settings or whatnot.  I mention that as the settings were terrible.  To summarize:

  • No MI/CI spots
  • Only 3 OF
  • Four RP must be active
  • DH spot (must be DH eligible and every player is not DH eligible)
  • Six bench spots
  • Two DL spots

So here’s what happened.  We, namely ME, didn’t know that the DH spot had to be filled by someone with DH eligibility, rather than any bat.  I realized it rather late in the draft when I selected Nolan Reimold and he went to the Bench, rather than the DH spot.  RED FLAG.

I picked Aubrey Huff in the 2nd to last round so I could have a “legal” team.  Since the draft, the league manager reset the draft and killed the DH spot, leaving just one UTIL position.  That means there are only 10 starting bats and 9 starting arms (5 SP, 4 RP), daily roster settings.…

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Rate My Fantasy Baseball Team

I just finished a marathon 4-hour live draft. Half of our league were on our computers, the other half at Pour House in the city. Its a pretty competitive 12 player, head-to-head, 5×5 league. We’ve been doing this for five years now, and I generally get hammered due to being away from my computer for...

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