Yankee Bullpen Could Go Deep

[image title=”chan_ho_park_kick” size=”full” id=”16234″ align=”center” alt=”Chan Ho Park’s greatest MLB moment” linkto=”full” ]The current Yankee bullpen lineup of Mariano Rivera, Damaso Marte, David Robertson, Sergio Mitre, Chan Ho Park, Alfredo Aceves and Joba Chamberlain. A lot has been written about how formidable this group looks going in to the season. The Yankees probably have the most reliable,...

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Derek Wants To Be An Owner

[image title=”Royals Yankees Baseball” size=”full” id=”16229″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]
As Chris mentioned this morning, Derek Jeter has lofty aspirations for his career once he is done playing:

The New York Yankees captain told The Associated Press that once his career is over, he envisions himself pursuing ownership of a professional sports franchise—like Michael Jordan.

Jeter, one...

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Could Mitre lose his spot to Logan?

Sergio Mitre has pitched well this spring, posting a 3.38 ERA over 16 innings. He has walked only 4 and has struck out 14. More importantly, though, thanks to his sharp sinker, Mitre has kept the ball on the ground, allowing only 1 HR over his 5 appearances...

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A Rant

Normally, I consider myself a pretty reasonable person. In general, I don’t let my emotions get the best of me. Most of the time, when confronted with something I don’t agree with, I’ll at least try to think it through and see the valid points of the opposition. As a rule, I try to avoid...

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A-Rod To Tell Investigators What Many Of Us Already Know

[image title=”*Apr 14 – 00:05*” size=”full” id=”16226″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]
A-Rod is expected to meet with Federal investigators today to discuss his relationship with Dr. Anthony Galea. Joel Sherman chimes in with the details on what Alex is planning to tell them:

A-Rod associates say there is nothing to worry about. This is about Galea,...

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Quick Notes: Jeter, Gaudin, Joba/Hughes

Here are a few quick news items on the day:

  • After some speculation earlier in the year, Derek Jeter confirmed that he wants to be an owner one day.
  • Since being released by the Yankees, the Mets, Dodgers, and D-Backs have checked in on Chad Gaudin.
  • According to team...
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Bill James on the need for “perverse economic incentives”

What are some ideas? I’ve heard people say teams that don’t reinvest their revenue-sharing money shouldn’t be allowed to turn a profit.

I don’t know, but that sounds like an invitation to creative accounting. I imagine they might find a way for some other corporation with which they have a relationship to turn a nice profit.

Gross revenue? Net revenue?  You have any idea what’s coming out to go from one to the other?  Ask the McCourts and their amazing salaries to themselves and their non-baseball-working sons.  Point is, a lot of things can happen before we get to gross revenue.  Another idea of mine which I have mentioned many, many times: If you’re among the “top 5” revenue sharing beneficiaries, your books should be open to MLB’s forensic accountants.  As I said here:

The top 5 teams that take in the revenue sharing/luxury tax payments must provide audited financial statements to MLB to “prove” they spent the handouts on improving the club via “sources and uses” schedules.

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