Smoke and Mirrors

[I wrote this post on my site, but feel that it deserves a forum where it can be discussed, whether you agree or disagree] Today’s inevitable Joba/Hughes debate, and the resulting arguments, one might come to realize, beg a question that’s much larger than who is the Yankees’ fifth starter in 2010. The question: Can the Yankees develop, successfully, a starting pitcher? The answer, one that I’ve avoided very often, is that it’s been a very, very long time. Since Andy Pettitte came through the system in the mid-90s, what starting pitcher has come up through the Yankees system, you Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors

Christian Garcia Still Teasing Fans And Scouts

[image title=”garcia” size=”full” id=”16189″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] From Frankie Piliere: He’s plenty scary right now though, and he has a lot more going for him than just his fastball. Garcia is a complete, three-pitch pitcher, and that is with three plus pitches. I don’t like to throw around plus grades often, so to see a pitcher with three plus pitches is a real rarity. It’s never been about stuff with this big right-hander; it’s always been about his health….. Consider the arsenal Garcia showed off on Wednesday. His plus fastball with good movement produces a huge amount of groundballs and Continue reading Christian Garcia Still Teasing Fans And Scouts

Guest Post: Awful 2008 Still Impacting The Yankees

[image title=”*Feb 25 – 00:05*” size=”full” id=”16194″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] This is a guest post from friend of the blog Jamal Granger. It is an excellent and thorough read, and I could not agree more with his conclusion. In April 2008, the New York Yankees opened the MLB season with a rotation of Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte, Mike Mussina, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy. Employing two first-round picks that never pitched a full season at the major-league level, the Yankees were set to embark on a new era in their starting rotation. After pitching just 116 innings in the previous Continue reading Guest Post: Awful 2008 Still Impacting The Yankees

Was it over before it started?

The worst-kept secret in Yankeeland was made official today: Phil Hughes will indeed enter the 2010 season as the team’s fifth starter. The Hughes/Joba situation has been analyzed to death on this and every other blog in the ‘sphere, so I don’t want to waste too much more time on this subject, but I will say that, while there really is no “right” move in this situation, this certainly makes the most sense from a develop-Phil-Hughes-as-a-starter-long-term perspective. Of course, on the flip side it leaves Joba Chamberlain completely unresolved and pretty much confirms that all the babying of Joba was Continue reading Was it over before it started?

Hughes The 5th Starter, Hughes Rules Coming?

As I am sure you all know, the Yankees announced today that Phil Hughes will be the 5th starter. I have discussed this at length and you know that I do not like it, so I would prefer to look past the prudence of the actual decision and look at one of the important details. Rob Neyer discussed the Yankees 5th starter situation yesterday, and the following statement stuck out: Hughes threw 80 innings in 2008, 112 in 2009, and … 200 in 2010? I don’t think so. The Yankees, reasonably enough, seem to have concluded that Hughes is the Continue reading Hughes The 5th Starter, Hughes Rules Coming?

Thursday linkfest

Here’s some of today’s news and a few other interesting stories of note, along with my apologies for not being able to get to more (work happens):

  • If you want to screw up your own life, fine. But to put your 5 year old son in the car with you is so astronomically selfish, I’m nearly speechless. I’m all for giving guys multiple chances to right themselves, but at some point, the effort is totally wasted, no pun intended. Sorry Doc, I’m done with you.
  • Hughes wins the #5 spot. Let the hue-and-cry begin. Hughes rules? Whither Joba? Egg on the face? More here.
  • Crawford or Werth in 2010? A follow-up to this one.
  • The extra day in the LCS is gone. Good move, except it doesn’t condense the post-season. Huh?
  • I love me some catcher trivia/stats, especially Yanks-related. Thurm, Yogi, Elston, Posada…
  • Great, frustrating story by Mevs at Diamond Hoggers. How a blogger got turned away from an interview request, and one that wasn’t even in person. I suspect there will be a follow-up soon. Also, the agent involved is pretty well known is these parts and is among the nicest guys you will find in this industry. Here’s more about Sosnick.

Continue reading Thursday linkfest

Players to Watch, AL West

Hey all. How are we on this Thursday afternoon? Please excuse the relatively abbreviated post today, but I had to hand in a big paper yesterday, but was unable to because of a car breakdown. Awesome. Anyway, let’s keep this mini-series rolling and turn the proverbial spotlight to the Left Coast and look at AL West players we should check up on during the 2010 season. Starting, as usual, with the division winner (Angels), I’m gonna pick Scott Kazmir. Kazmir started off poorly with Tampa in 2009, pitching to a 5.92 ERA with a 1.541 WHIP and a pedestrian 1.82 Continue reading Players to Watch, AL West

A vote against Carl Crawford

It has become conventional wisdom at this point that the Yankees intend to make Carl Crawford a wealthy man at the end of the 2010 season. Allow me to be among the first to ask, why? Don’t get me wrong, Crawford is a solid player, but his career line of .295/.335/.437 translates only to an OPS+ of 103, which is just ok. Granted, he steals 50 bases a year, which is sick, but he’s getting older. I struggle to see him keeping his value if he loses his speed as he enters his 30s. And therein lies the problem. To Continue reading A vote against Carl Crawford

Is Phil Hughes the 5th starter?

RAB is reporting that the Yankees are set to announce that Phil Hughes will be the team’s fifth starter at the beginning of the season. Meanwhile, they report this will send Joba to the pen at the season’s beginning. I recorded my thoughts on this earlier. RAB mirrors my opinion. Until the innings limit is lifted from Hughes this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and may potentially lock Joba into a relief role. Stay tuned.