Smoke and Mirrors

[I wrote this post on my site, but feel that it deserves a forum where it can be discussed, whether you agree or disagree]

Today’s inevitable Joba/Hughes debate, and the resulting arguments, one might come to realize, beg a question that’s much larger than who is the Yankees’ fifth starter in 2010.

The question:

Can the Yankees develop,...

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Was it over before it started?

The worst-kept secret in Yankeeland was made official today: Phil Hughes will indeed enter the 2010 season as the team’s fifth starter.

The Hughes/Joba situation has been analyzed to death on...

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Players to Watch, AL West

Hey all. How are we on this Thursday afternoon? Please excuse the relatively abbreviated post today, but I had to hand in a big paper yesterday, but was unable to because of a car breakdown. Awesome. Anyway, let’s keep this mini-series rolling and turn the proverbial spotlight to the Left Coast and look at AL...

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