Looking at Tex’s Plate Discipline and Batted Ball Data

Mark Teixeira has a .152 IsoD. His .127 IsoP is disappointing, but he’s at least taking his walks. And, despite the poor raw stats, he’s still seeing a robust 4.20 pitches per plate appearance. When his batting average does start to rebound, he’ll look a whole lot better. Let’s start with that...

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Robinson Cano and “clutch”

According to FanGraphs, a “clutch score” measures “how much better or worse a player does in high leverage situations than he would have done in context neutral situations.” Therefore, one can do extremely well in “neutral” (low-leverage) situations, and perform admirably in high leverage situations, yet their performance...

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Chicago Series Preview 4/30-5/2

The Yankees will face two pitchers who have struggled at times this season, but they will also see John Danks, who is having a stellar start to 2010.  He’s given up just eleven hits and four runs over his last three starts and has kept opponents batting just .183.  While President Obama made it clear that he wishes Mariano Rivera was closing for his White Sox, Bobby Jenks is not one to ignore.  His ERA after nine innings of work may sit at 5.00, but his FIP is just 2.00.  He has walked six batters this season and struck out fourteen.

The White Sox defense shows some need for improvement.  They are last in MLB in Team UZR this year at -7.8, though their UZR/150 ranks just above the Yankees at -12.1 (as opposed to -12.4).  Third baseman Mark Teahen has four errors on the season and an UZR of -2.8.

The White Sox also rank last in the Majors in batting average (.222) and BABIP (.224).  …

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Heyman: Ryan Howard’s bat > Mark Teixeira’s bat

Here’s an interesting comparison via Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

That [Ryan] Howard received $2 million more than [Mark] Teixeira also seems about right under the circumstances. Teixeira has a more diverse set of skills, is slightly younger and signed in New York as a free agent, but...

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When is a long slump cause for alarm?

The Yankees’ 14-7 start to the season has been well-rounded. ESPN reports that the team’s pitching staff is in the top 3 in the AL in ERA, WHIP and BAA while its hitters lead the junior circuit...

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Yankees vs. White Sox in the unbalanced schedule era

I’ve been enjoying taking a look back at how the Yanks have historically fared against their opponents (hopefully you have too) and so I thought I’d take a look at the Yanks’...

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Cano's Success Not A Product Of Melky's Absence

[image title=”cano.melky.pie” size=”full” id=”17115″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]
When Robinson Cano hit his second home run in last night’s game, I sent out a sarcastic tweet about his success being tied to the fact that long time buddy Melky Cabrera was no longer on the team to distract him. Much to my chagrin, a number of...

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Game 21: Yankees 4, Orioles 0

Bronx Cheers:
Nick Swisher: Hitting second, Swisher went 0-5 with a strikeout.

Curtis Granderson: After looking like he got his swing back in the last game, Grandy’s bat went missing again Thursday night.  He went 0-4 and stranded four runners on base.

Curtain Calls:
Robinson Cano: Cano went 3-4, with three runs scored, two RBIs, a double and two home runs.  His line right now is an impressive .407/.444/.790. Oh, and he also made a spectacular play on a ball hit by Nolan Reimold up the middle.

A.J. Burnett: If Cano hadn’t been so ridiculous last night, the story would have been AJ.  He threw eight innings of scoreless ball, giving up just three hits and one walk while striking out four.

Marcus Thames: It really is hard to complain about Thames defense when he keeps mashing the ball like he has every chance he’s had to get in the lineup.  Girardi had him in as the DH last night and Thames did not disappoint against the lefty Brian Matusz.  …

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