The Great Debate continues: Keep it simple, stupid

And I’m not going to quibble much with TCM’s analysis of the bullpen, which was that the two are quite similar on an FIP basis. Not a lot to say here.


Name FIP
Mariano Rivera 3.25
Joba Chamberlain 3.85
Chan Ho Park 4.45
Damaso Marte 4.10
David Robertson 3.58


Name FIP
Mariano Rivera 3.48
Ramiro Mendoza 4.08
Jeff Nelson 3.96
Mike Stanton 4.67
Graeme Lloyd 3.75

And while my first inclination is to quibble with the projection for David Robertson–when I think back to the nasty breaking pitch he froze Erick Aybar on yesterday, as well as his phenomenal strikeout rates, well, I won’t be one bit surprised if he ends up in the mid 3s by the end of the season.

Yeah, this 2010 team is kinda sorta pretty good.  After all, they got this guy… still:

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