Dallas Braden's Personal Kingdom

As I said in the comments to the other post and on Twitter, I think Alex Rodriguez was likely unaware of Dallas Braden’s silly unwritten rule, that Braden overreacted, and that Alex reacted exactly as one should when dealing with a petulant child attempting to lecture an adult on the rules of the game. If you want some reasoned analysis of the whole situation, check out Mike Axisa’s take. Oh, and have a laugh at this beauty, courtesy of FlipFlopFlying:

[image title=”bradenia” size=”full” id=”16961″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]

0 thoughts on “Dallas Braden's Personal Kingdom

  1. I’m a bit older then most around here and have never heard of such an unwritten rule. I do know that most players don’t run across the mound but, some do in that case. After just running full out from 1st to 3rd, one would take the shortest route back to 1st…that was a long run.
    Back in the day; I’ve done it and had other players do it when I was pitching…some guys are too touchy for their own good.