Offensive hibernation continues as Yankees drop second straight

Friday night’s game against the Angels looked as though it might get out of hand quickly, as A.J. Burnett had almost nothing in the early going, but ultimately managed to somewhat limit the damage, tossing 6 1/3 innings of four-run ball. While not an ideal outing from Burnett, the Yankees still managed four runs of their own (although they were unable to grant my wish). Unfortunately, the team apparently forgot how to hit after the fourth inning, going hitless for the remainder of the evening and ultimately losing a winnable game to the Angels 6-4.

As always, the Angels played a tough game and were seemingly on base in every inning. Kendry Morales was the star of the night, going 3-3 with a huge go-ahead two-run home run off Joba Chamberlain, who looked flat-out awful in the eighth inning. Speaking of Joba, what the hell is going on with him? He’s been anything but a sure thing in the ‘pen thus far this season, and Joe Girardi is crazy if Joba is indeed his eighth inning guy despite h not having pitched worth a damn yet in 2010.

Bad pitching and another night of mediocre, impatient offense (only three walks drawn, a day after somehow managing only one against the A’s) makes for a toxic combination, as the Yankees drop two in a row for the first time this season. The Yankees are now 11-5 and need to win the next two games to win their first six series of the year. Oh, and Boston obviously beat Baltimore, although we already knew that was going to happen before a single pitch was thrown tonight.

One thought on “Offensive hibernation continues as Yankees drop second straight

  1. Ha, I guess Joba left the bulldog mentality on the plane… I left an MP3 player in the front seat compartment once…

    the Angels always play tough at home. I think its clear the Yankees are better than them this year, so it's a shame to loose a series to them, but it had to happen eventually.